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  1. We will probably see the same starting 11
  2. Lol as if we have to be a carbon copy of Napoli. Kante is better than Allan overall, his role will be slightly different than Allan but itll work out well in the end
  3. He had lunch with his agent. Who happens to be our temporary director of football.
  4. I would personally sell Eden for 150+. He's good but often 15 goals and 10 assists a year isn't all that. Furthermore, if he stays he'll be even less motivated.
  5. Always hate having to replace world class players.
  6. Looks like man city just wanna get the point across that he would have preferred them but Napoli pushed him to us.
  7. Someone needs to give Kante #6. Hate seeing him wear 7 lol
  8. Kante, Jorginho and any of our current mids should be a good midfield.
  9. No way he gets Mendy and Sandro. Not way man!
  10. Think we can get him for 60m next year.
  11. If only he were English he'd be all over the TV
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