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  1. what the hell? almost 600k/week. it seems PSG put all their money for only neymar,,know mbappe will not stay with them next season...
  2. would be better splash for mbappe around £150 million...
  3. yes,,his left footed is abosuletly gift. despite of overpriced haaland,,we can get vlahovic for around 40 million...
  4. There have been reports that Tuchel is planning a formation change in the summer. Personally, I think it's not necessary. Why fix what's not broken. We can keep the shape and just buy a versatile creative midfielder like Grealish and a prolific striker. That should be enough. If we change to back four, we may need to sign a new center-back, sitting midfielder, creative midfielder and a striker. I repeat, that's not necessary. This team is built for this shape.
  5. i don't know how reliable this,,but if true we still have a lot of space to spent this summer.....
  6. Feel a bit sorry for football managers being put up to defend the actions of their clubs when the chairmen and chief execs who made the decision are too cowardly to speak about it, face questions about it or defend their stance.
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