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  1. To be honest - can now say after 20-25 games , not a fan at all of the Tuchel style of football. Feels like Mourinho all over again, along with the Sarri like death by possession in defensive areas. We have won and drawn loads of games so everything looks great on paper when looking back but this is definitely not the direction I want our football to go in the next year or two. what's good: Our pressing and trying to win the ball back. Everything else : It's like watching paint dry.
  2. http://footeks.com/embed/index.php/http://givemereddit.stream/sports/chelsea.html
  3. What is this ridiculous insistence of making 25 passes across our own box??? Why has this not been coached out yet. Its just asking for shit to go wrong. Unbelievable.
  4. We make every team look like they are leicester. No pattern of play or ability to dominate and impose on the game.
  5. Well clearly most don't rate him anymore - me included. Still support him though since he's loyal to the club. However, he should have been sold for 65 million or whatever the bid was. Losing him on a free considering how inflated the market is now is terrible business.
  6. looked like he didnt want to play. no running. closing down. no interest whatsoever.
  7. jorginho been missing again..... doesnt seem to fit into lamps style,
  8. azpi just cant cross. so sad to watch him get the ball on the wing every single time....
  9. ++ Mount and Barkley are on fire -- We look like Fulham V2
  10. 50% lure of Juventus and winning leagues easily. Our transfer ban Having found it tough to adjust in the PL He's done this kind of shit before. Not being able to command dressing room(speculation) Can't handle adversity at all. And not to forget - his team played terrible football.
  11. Haha there was no booing or chanting from me. Just a lot of hope Sarri got it together. There were zero signs of better football though and the way I see it , apart from defenders passing it among themselves( which was proven via stats) it was hazard FC for me. He made our season happen.
  12. He could have made things happen for us. Possibly. Every other sign he showed throughout the season was not positive. His substituations, refusal to play certain players. Failing to make us play good football. Our football was atrocious imho. Yet, even with bad spells where chanting happened ,those were after humiliating defeats and inept performances. We were still ready to give him a chance and gamble. Let him go. We need a more positive happy coach at Chelsea. Being the kind of club that we are, the atmosphere is very important and he often acted out and didn't make it bette
  13. mourinho just took a dig at chelsea in his post match interview. Has no class.
  14. Another referee would have given the Fer foul on cahill, but another referee would have also disallowed costas goal for a high boot and making contact. cant blame the ref for this one. We did not exert our game enough and even then, did not kill it off multiple times. No Hazard no win it seems, and probably true.
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