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  1. https://streamable.com/ie7ugr
  2. Seeing the coach hugging the players after each win gets me goosebumps. This family is close together. Everybody are involved in something. Keep this as a ritual and as a tradition.
  3. He's fasting right now. Imagine when Ramadan will be over. Get 11 Kante's on the field and we are unbeatable.
  4. The game of the year. Don't screw up my day off.
  5. https://geissblog.koeln/2021/05/skhiri-ueber-seine-zukunft-wuerde-mir-schwer-fallen-den-klub-zu-verlassen/ https://www.express.de/sport/fussball/1--fc-koeln/fc-star-weckt-begehrlichkeiten-top-klubs-jagen-ellyes-skhiri-38334928?cb=1620082105798
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