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  1. All the talk about the Top 4 and no one has mentioned that this win will help give Leicester confidence and ease their Top 4 worry a little before the cup final...
  2. LOL That actually turned out to be true...
  3. I brought up their goals conceded stat because you mentioned Howe's attacking football style, which was non-existent. As I said, there's no point in a team playing pretty football if they keep conceding goals. It's also like with Lampard, who tried to make us play attacking football but had no care for defensive solidity.
  4. Sacking Lampard last summer would have been harsh, I think, and had we done so, the signings might have turned out to be different signings.
  5. Howe did not have any help? He was basically the Sir Alex Ferguson, the Arsene Wenger of Bournemouth because of what he achieved with them. He made the calls on the signings and a lot of them were not great. That's on him. Did I downplay what Howe achieved at Bournemouth? All I basically questioned is his playing style. His attacking football is a myth and there's no point in playing nice attacking football if the team are conceding goals at an alarming rate. Bournemouth conceded at least 60 goals in each of their Premier League season. He was able to spend more than the likes of Sean
  6. They weren't that at that point of time and it's not like Phillip Cocu didn't have the chance to bring in his own players.
  7. Am surprised you have chosen to mention Eddie Howe (again) considering what happened with him at Bournemouth. Was Howe's attacking football really that great? Because for whatever good football they played, they always conceded A LOT of goals and were always in the bottom 5 for the most goals conceded in each Premier League season. Howe and Bournemouth only turned into some sort of genius and peak AC Milan side whenever they played us. Also, it's funny how you keep on downplaying what Lampard did at Derby, considering they went into a freefall after his regime and only just survived releg
  8. We hired Lampard because it was a marriage of convenience. The fans were not happy after the whole thing with Sarri and the club were under a transfer ban and had to rely on the academy players to boost the squad. So, what better way to appease the fans by bringing back a club legend in Lampard as well as the former academy coach in Jody Morris? Every manager makes mistakes, inexperienced or experienced. The biggest questions are how quickly they learn from them and can they fix them. In the 18 months that he was here, Lampard never showed that he was a quick learner and capable of solvi
  9. Yes, we still want to win trophies (and we haven't won anything yet) but given the profile of the current squad, there has to be progress and improvement. This isn't a ready made squad like 11-12 years ago. The problem with Lampard was that there was no progress made during his 18 months in charge. Yes, we had that long unbeaten run earlier this season but by the end of his reign, it became obvious that the problems we saw last season were still there. There was no clear playing style and tactical idea, the pressing was all over the place, the team kept conceding on the break, he didn't s
  10. UEFA are also exploring Portugal apparently.
  11. No one said he shouldn’t be timing his runs better but this is why I said that this didn’t become an issue until the last game or two. Were there any complaints before this? Don’t think any of his offsides before were as blatant as the ones at City. He has scored only 6 league goals because he has missed tons of chances, not because he has been caught offside. He has been caught offside for 20+ times but it hasn’t stopped him from missing 20+ big chances at the same time. As you alluded to with the other examples, had he been more clinical with the chances, no one would be talking about t
  12. Yeah but having 26 players now gives the manager a bit more room for backups or to manoeuvre. What's the harm in bringing Gilmour anyway? Are there any other genuine Scottish talent that would have missed had only 23 players been allowed?
  13. If Christensen is out, then 1 of Silva or Azpi will play.
  14. I agree that he should be timing his runs better given he has the pace to beat any defence but not sure why you felt the need to type a long reply by picking out a few offside moments. The one against Spurs was a close offside call, as opposed to being a blatant, well offside offence like some of the ones yesterday. Even if teams play with a high line against us, we would still expect Werner or any of our other attackers to time their runs. Otherwise, would you say Vardy is lazy considering he's always been up there on the offside list? Leicester also don't always play on the break apart
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