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  1. With Chelsea scout Tony White in London.
  2. Best player on this team. He is even better than Fabregas going forward. Let that sink in.
  3. Wanted to play with 3 CB while having 10 players is awful. Another poor tactical game by him. Absolutely horrible performance by the team because of his tactical limitations.
  4. This is probably a done deal. Kenedy is moving to the Newcastle on loan (rumors).
  5. Going into his 3rd excellent year at the top level, he is still underrated by a lot of people. All hail Kante the GOAT!
  6. Every young attacker should watch Pedro goal. World class movement really.
  7. Some folks here don't learn from mistakes. Again judging players by few games and not waiting at least a season.
  8. Good performance all that was missing is a goal. Also, people here are crazy, talking shit like always.
  9. When someone names Alaba as a better play than Alonso...Alonso is better than Alaba, Alaba has been poor for 2 seasons already. One should look at his reaction vs. PSG where Mbappe sends him to donuts.
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