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  1. Unless they've added a whole new league he probably won't be in FIFA13 Except maybe for Ivory Coast, which means they probably won't change his rating or his stats
  2. I'd snag a couple of Dortmund's players to be honest, I like Kuba, Piszcek, Lewandowski among others and their mostly Poles, looking forward to seeing how it goes for them over the Euro's
  3. See where you coming from, but that's the same as everyone saying Hazard was going to Man City, you don't know until you know... you know?
  4. Anyone heard about this one? Apparently Roman's thinking of making a double swoop for him and Lewandowski, but I really doubt it. I'd like to see Lukasz at the club though, anyone know anything about this guy? He's strong, good tackler, gets forward well and nicks the odd goal. He's a right back but can essentially play all up the right flank, he's experienced (the fact he has won and also defended the Bundeliga title) but really hitting his prime too, at 27 I think it'd be a good investment. He might not be a world beating high profile superstar, but he goes about his job tirelessly and effec
  5. Does anyone have any idea what's going on with Meireles? Personally I think he's a good squad player, seemed to sufferer second season syndrome, after winning Liverpool's player of the season, he came to the bridge for what I suppose was a modest fee, about 16m and he's put in a shift, no where near as many spectacular goals from distance, no trademark volleys (maybe the one against Man City) but he's certainly come in and filled in as, when and where he's needed. But I remember him being especially sore about AVB's sacking, so do you think he'll hang around or is he off?
  6. I like Modric and what he brings to the pitch, but I honestly don't know if we've got a position for him, he's an attacking midfielder playing in the hole, basically a number 10, in which position we've got Hazard, Mata, De Bruyne and Marin who can all play effectively. I guess we could drop him into a deeper midfield role but that would be something he'd need to adapt to and he really is at his best threading balls through the defence to the strikers playing off the shoulder, more so than an Andrea Pirlo typed player who can spray longballs all over the park effectively. Not to mention we've
  7. I think Hulk along with Hazard, are the signings to start a new era at the club, I honestly do, look at what happened back when we were getting Essien, Flo, Drogba, so on and so forth, a team was built, who's spine hasn't effectively changed, I think Hulk would be the corner stone of our new young and hungry squad, so any price is a bargin, especially for that left foot of his! Man's a machine!
  8. I disagree, If he's offered a project in building a new squad playing a fresh style, with a near bottomless pit of money and with Roman trying to so had to bring him to the bridge you can be sure he'd be given time to rebuild, unlike AVB who had fallen out with everyone at the club so was never going to get any patience. I don't think he'd come for the money alone no I think he needs something to work on, but you say he was so passionate and obsessed with Barcelona, yeah he was and probably still is, but he quit, ontop of which he's asked clubs to "seduce" him, so its not like he's never going
  9. I didn't realise people were so conflicted on the matter, I think both have their merits and we could argue till the cows come home, but ultimately It's Roman's choice and I think we know who he's going to choose, or be it, not choose, In Di Matteo
  10. I like RDM, I do, but I don't think he had an awful lot to do with us winning what we did, I think it was more a case of him being a puppet for the "old guard" that's not to say he didn't pick the teams, because I'm sure he did, but I think he was being heavily influenced, at the end of the day a teams only as good as its players and I think RDM more or less gave them free reign and it worked. Whereas Pep would be more of a Mourhinio (I'm not comparing the two, don't worry) In that he dedicates himself to the tactical preperation and prepares everyone 100% ontop of being a bloody good man mana
  11. He did say he wants a sabatical yes, he did say he's taking a year off yes, but he also said live to the world in a press conference if someone can "Seduce" him then he could be tempted to "train again" now I realise people may think I'm taking it out of context and he means get back to work next year, but he's already said he's getting back to work next year so why would he say it?
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