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  1. Liverpool have scored 13 game-winning goals in the 90th minute or later in the Premier League under Jürgen Klopp, four more than any other side in the competition since the German arrived. Klutch.
  2. Hopefully he bounces back from whatever this is..he is capeable of being so being so much better. Just dodgy moments again
  3. That's the thing City and Liverpool Will drop points..maybe but we'll drop more..its been coming. We've had some dodgy performances and somehow won...or least drew.
  4. That's it. And that's why think they'll end up as League winners rather then City..not that they don't keep at it but have a few more up and down moments.
  5. Piss sake...but we knew it would happen. Rare they don't score
  6. Another expensive player..another waste of time
  7. But thing is like said they're strong up front so even though they may drop points we will definitely. I duno..see what happens. Didnt see us winning the league anyway obs a long way to go but still think Liverpool will. They score for fun and we do that here and there or just faff
  8. It's just 4 points dropped in a week which is worrying..happens every year. And injuries on top of that..
  9. Well done the table we go...we're not winning this title unless the other 2 completely fall apart and we dont
  10. Can see us sliding down the table. Last Sunday was a sign of the shit to come and it keeps coming. Liverpool and City are strong especially scoring wise..we're not great at that part
  11. Now stop making stupid backwards passes!
  12. It's these stupid backwards passes as well! Stop going backwards
  13. Since they've gone on about keeping clean sheets and leads..its all gone bad. Hopefully can get the lead back
  14. Tbf..they were kinda poor. Giving the amount of chances and corners we had..we shouldve won easily. Needed a Salah moment.. Ooh 1-1
  15. Same old same old. Hopefully can turn this round though league wise..still think be Liverpools
  16. Yer drop points here and can see us being on a slide. Liverpool and City are a lot stronger then us and just score easily. They have the odd bad day but when we do it's bad bad bad
  17. This is gana turn into one of those crappy games
  18. Hopefully we get this right..cant see Liverpool dropping points sooo we need this
  19. I'm surprised Salah got as low down as he did. Know didn't win anything but as a individual...he's been amazing really! Can't argue with where Jorghio ended up...tbh surprised be was 3rd. Again won things but as a player himself..not exactly been blowing people away. Mendy however.. he has been good!!!
  20. Least we like to be consistent with it I guess. Sometimes it isn't too bad! Usually it's the games you expect to win in December it goes wrong..
  21. Need a response or can see us going on the slide. Crappy period starts now
  22. But they didn't turn up! We had 24 shots..they had 3! We had 15 corners..they had 2! We had all the ball..all the shots. We didn't turn up and so lost points. If could finish we would've been happy
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