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  1. Definitely! They're not a bad bad bad side just very inconsistent. Taken points of a few top sides this season
  2. And Fulham can be okay ish..they probably just be playing for pride so hopefully we can play for what we need to. If we won Tuesday be more confident but its not a case of a huge gap we can be crap and it won't matter. Unfortunately this time no one is pissing off yet lol. West ham level.. Leicester 4 above..Liverpool 2 behind and Spurs also 2 but played a game more. How super fun
  3. You knew it was coming but we did make it so easy for them! Even with 10 men you wouldn't expect such a stupid scoreline from our side
  4. As it stands there's a 4 point gap between us and 3rd..level with West Ham. 2 above Liverpool and Spurs but Spurs played a game more. Fun fun
  5. I'm not to sure about this whole Leicester will collapse and us and Liverpool finish top 4..we're hardly amazing even if they do! 4 point gap and on level amount of games as it stands
  6. Tough fixtures coming up..though Brighton was also tough so who knows what will happen.
  7. I dont think many did see the backlash..or thought it could be calmed somehow. Turns out nope!
  8. I like Arsenal's statement.. saying about a mistake and apologising. Feels nice somehow There was 6..now none lol. In 48 hours..least was a nice quick turn around
  9. Someone on twitter said its like the Fyre Festival of Football..sums it up!!! Arsenal have said sorry... ''As a result of listening to you and the wider football community over recent days we are withdrawing from the proposed Super League. We made a mistake, and we apologise for it.'
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/56812305 Nothing offical but there's only 3 clubs who haven't said anything yet.. assume its true. Also now breaking on Sky...its happening lol. Woooopsie!
  11. Think top 4 is gone gone gone.. Liverpool won't drop many. We however have tough games coming up..this apparently being one of them!
  12. So City have started procedures..and we're doing something? But haven't started it yet?
  13. And problem is games are going to come every few days...we need this. Wouldn't have thought we needed this though Brighton don't need this!
  14. Wouldn't think we were trying to finish 4th...I dont think we will Holy crap!! They're gana score soon
  15. You could see this happening...Liverpool drop points. Chance to create a gap and we play like this.. Uhh ohhhhh....dont do it
  16. Either be a 0-0 draw or a 1-0 loss..and we'll be annoyed about this instead of stupid past plans lol. Come onnnnnn
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