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  1. Urghhhh that's what makes it worse! You can so see it happening. Then they'll win at Real and that's it all done... Playoffs can be harsh. The final especially!
  2. And completey dominated Southampton with those changes. Hopefully Sunday ends the way it should...just get a feeling..be unbearable!
  3. And Liverpool won Urgh you can see it now... Tbf to them does should the squad depth they have. To have played every possible game this season league and Cup and champions league wise and still be in with a chance to win all 4...
  4. Southampton look shakey...Liverpool will win this..theyve got back into it sooo some stupid score incoming? Their 'B' team isn't awlful..theyve been all over this. Hopefully City don't do it..if they do they'll win it all for def!
  5. Hopefully won't have dragged out deals...and we have the same manager which is a change...
  6. Feels nice that we're going into this window not looking for a manager.
  7. Probably needs a distraction from the stupid court case thing
  8. Urghhh course they play Villa...can see how that will go. Surely they won't do it on the last day
  9. Please don't fuck this up now and lose!
  10. It's gana be one of those...prob loss 3-1 or something Urghh come on City!
  11. Even a draw be fine! They just need to get something
  12. That be nice..just seems to all be falling I place for Liverpool and this crappy quad thing
  13. Seriously they just need 4 points..could draw this! But prob lose by a stupid scoreline
  14. As it stands....Liverpool have wolves and Southampton. This will be a huge boost they won't piss around like yesterday. Hoping it doesn't end but you can see it now .
  15. Unfortunately...you know its going to happen now.
  16. You knew they'd do this..I can see Liverpool making up the goal difference easily. Urghh
  17. What a shit weekend... Come on City!!! Get a point at least!!! What a load of crap...guess quad it is...
  18. Pool!!! Who wants them to win the quad especially after 2 at our expense. Guess they will....ahhh!!!!
  19. Surely they can fuck this title up...its going to be so unbearable.
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