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Started by BlueLion.,

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Is it safe to say Oscar was a flop? Oscar was really frustrating and boring to watch. 90% of his games you got the feeling that he was not even playing (aka useless). He had some great moments in 11/12 season (THAT Juventus game made all of us think about what this guy could do in incoming seasons), but he was still struggling to adapt. I think 13/14 season was his best season where he was no more than an okay player. Despite the fact he started most games in 14/15 season, he was easily the most frustrating and boring player of the starting XI. Few assists, few goals, lacked presence in the mid, usually losing all 1x1 situations against heavier opponents, hidden most part of the matches, then last season he got worst, and for me Oscar represented the awful team that ended in the middle of the table.

I always got the feeling a team will never get a solid midfield as long as Oscar is in the team. Brazil in 2014 WC never had a midfield. Usually relied from direct link from defense to attack, and despite Oscar doing good in debut against Croatia, he was one of the reasons behind the disaster.

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Looks like he's enjoying life playing with world's best players in the Chinese super league of football haha.

I could go to England and earn 5 times the amount of what I am currently earning in Romania. And i'm not talking about moving from 400 Euros to 2000 Euros a month. It's way bigger than that. But my life would be boring and lack any substance.

My father once said - no matter how bad your country is, at least here you're always going to feel real. People will feel you like you're one of their own and you will feel others as being one of your. But elswhere you are always going to be a stranger, a guest in their country.

It's similar to football players. Real football is in Europe and South America. Not China, not USA, not Australia. 

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