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  1. Actually our midfielders need to cover better the space around our box when the opponent is surrounding it. We are disorganized defensively, teams attack us as they please...
  2. Our defense is a mess... Luiz is useless
  3. Exactly my thoughts a couple of minutes ago
  4. We need a ball-playing defender so Sarri can bench Luiz. He is a walking liability that is only playing because of his skills during transition
  5. I wanna have Jorginho's babies What a player, he reads the game like Cesc does
  6. If we play against them as well as we did against Barca, we'll have big chances of winning, but especially if they play like this...
  7. We played much better against Barcelona than United against Sevilla. I know they are away and we are home, but can you imagine them playing Barca? Lol
  8. Didn't know we lost the away match... Must have been the same way we've lost this one for two months now
  9. We were the best team... One costly mistake, but I fancy us, although we'll struggle to keep up with this plan in a much bigger pitch in camp Nou
  10. I honestly fancy us to go through... We were much more effective...
  11. What in the world is that shot One of the best I've seen. Looked like a free kick
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