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  1. One of my favorite players.. I'll miss you Fab. ♥
  2. Morata looks as bad as I did when my last gf broke up with me.
  3. Now let's not get ahead of ourselves ...
  4. Not sure if so many would leave in such a short amount of time especialy with all these injuries now + no one is coming in most likely. I think Drinkwater and maybe Cesc.
  5. yuvala


    It's time to leave buddy .. Had some great moments for us but it's starting to be embarrassing.
  6. Really sorry, did not mean any disrespect . Won't happen again !
  7. What? bro Mata was amazing AND a fan favorite.
  8. Plot twist: Hazard still plays #9 , Giroud is on the wing.
  9. Honestly I don't rate Jorgi's creativity nearly as much.. I think he does not make enough of these passes.
  10. FBs are a problem for us for around 4 years now maybe.. Probably more. We're crying out for ones who can actually create SOMETHING!
  11. yuvala


    He's been so bad lately. I've had enough.. Can't produce anything useful out of his feet.
  12. Are you kidding? Yes, Kepa was very much responssible for two of the goals but that defense.. come on. Tottenham's players were having a laugh.. strolling all over our box like nothing.
  13. Disastrous of a performance really ... horrific defence and bad everything really. Absolute nightmare watching 90 min of this.
  14. I think we can do much better honestly.. They're both not good enough IMO.
  15. I agree. Problem is we alreay know Luiz.. this is not a one-off.
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