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  1. Remy will be ready for the game I think. Much better option but with Jose you never know. Drogba had a very poor game, but the team did too. His touch has gone, and his pace would be 20 on FIFA now lol.
  2. He will go I think, Jose has a habit of stripping players back a bit so they learn the team needs to work hard and as a unit (Hazard and Willian) It work for said players but appears to have made Oscar a worse player all round. Hasn't contributed much at all and not as eye catching as he was when he first arrived. Calling Paul Pogba anyone?
  3. Would be a massive signing for us. He's right up there in terms of potential and ability. Imagine Matic, Pogba and loftus-cheek coming through the ranks? I would sell Oscar and Rammy AND Mikel for that
  4. Hi Guys, been away a longggg time. But back now. Dont feel confident here either like most. I hope that we step up for the big boys. Next two games are make or break imo. Win both and the league could be won against Leciester. Cant see that happening tbh. Arsenal and Utd playing lovely stuff atm and full of confidence, we should have lost the last two or three, granted we havent but we never look like being at the races at the moment.
  5. Yep I agree with above, Absolutely obscene if true. Mata or Luiz in a straight swap is mental. Much less plus 10 Million? Mata I am especially surprised about, he's worth 40 million based on last season. Been alot said about Luiz, this is the only one i think could be leaning on true, Jose not sure about him yet, has been a hero last season but so susceptible to mistakes, i'm not sure how Jose takes him. I'd rather a straight cash deal no matter what. and if so bin Torres
  6. but surely if we draw 1-1 or any draw and arsenal batter newcastle 3-0 4-0 they have done it right?
  7. Got to admit, i don't think we will win...Fatigue will come into play and we looked VERY VERY tired vs Villa. Hopefully we can pull something out.... We also have to beat Everton to make sure we get 3rd spot, would hate to do a play off game.... If you asked me now 3rd place or this, personally i'd take 3rd.
  8. With all due resepct mate. Fuck off. Rameries is the worst passer of the ball in the final third. he is the best RUNNER we have. No way our best big game player...If thats the case why did he fuck up 4 times in the final third when there was a ball on every time?
  9. GO all out for the win, only when 4-0 up take off the big boys. Luiz needs a rest.
  10. Ramires was fucking terrible. Other than the finish, he would gallop up the other end to fuck up the final ball at least 4 times when in good positions. Although it wasn't his fault he slipped. The team looked absolutely spent on 70 mins, which isn't a good thing. 3 games and a final push needed. We HAVE to go all out against Villa IMO. Also I am sick to death of Torres, 16Games without a PL goal now? He is fucking dogshit. Keep the mask on mate so we can't see your cheeks, embarrassing. People say "At least he contributes" I'll argue this forever, his job is TO SCORE GOALS. How many shots doe
  11. Of the upcomng fixtures I personally see the following results... Chelsea Chelsea vs Swansea City 5 May - Premier League 16:00 Man United vs Chelsea 8 May - Premier League 19:45 Chelsea vs Spurs 12 May - Premier League 12:45 Aston Villa vs Chelsea 19 May - Premier League 16:00 Chelsea vs Everton Of the Above, I see wins vs Swansea/Villa/Everton With quest
  12. Definatley signs for concern. Was a huge 2 points dropped. Very Very tight for us, with the hardest run in IMO. I don't belive that finishing 5th is an option, we HAVE to finish 4th. Finacially it's a no brainer. Young players/Worlds best don't want to waste a season playing for a team not in CL anymore. Times have changed. Chelsea will get by without it, but at what cost? Look at Liverpool, struggling to attract the best. Finishing outside the top 4 for the second season running is inexcusable with the standards we have set ourselves. It is a must. Scary times ahead. Time will only tell.
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