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  1. A man who was inside the theatre when the gunmen entered told a French radio station that the men shouted 'Allah Akbar' as they opened fire. He added: 'The men came in and started shooting. Everyone fell to the ground. It was hell. I took my mum, and we hid. Someone near us said they have gone, so we ran out. 'I was only thinking of escaping. We're out now. I think people are still inside. It's a nightmare - a nightmare.' They also shouted, 'this is for Syria', another witness at the theatre claimed.
  2. it was a concert for an American band.
  3. 18 dead in Paris. You could hear the shots during the france-germany game. now, its up to 30 confirmed dead
  4. Old kompany is similar, not current kompany. Otammendi is by far the best cb in the epl
  5. Oscar


    Allegri is dumb. Pays large transfer fees for both sandro and dybala and neither start on a consistent basis. Italian football is so so................
  6. Quaresma is a ballhog. Cristiano is a ballhog. Neymar is a ballhog. But this kid might be in his own league.......
  7. Oscar


    that's irrelevant. Guys like lampard, kdb, pirlo, gerrard never scored like 5 fks in a season let alone the first few months.... The position where willian is taking these free kicks are so far away as well, which makes it crazier.
  8. Oscar


    You guys really think so? Seems like every fk goal the keeper didn't see the ball/bad goalkeeping. 1: Pure luck 2: Ramires agresssion is what scored the goal 3. Casillas went on the post game interview and said he couldn't see the ball 4. this goal was so weird. The keeper was there and still didnt make the save. I'm guessing he didn't see the ball as well 5. Bad goalkeeping. it's really crazy how willian never scored above 4 goals in a season for us and manage to score 5 already all via free kicks.
  9. I said this before. Hazard has better close control dribbling and holdup play because of his height/size. However, outside of that, I really do not see anything else hazard is better than neymar in.
  10. Prepare for rafa to park the bus in el clasico.
  11. Oscar


    Regarding willian's free kicks this season that ended up as goals... Have you ever seen a luckier batch of goals than WIllian's fks this season?
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