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Your 2013 Chelsea Moments


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In practically the last day of 2013, how about looking back at some of the defining moments of Chelsea that happened this past year? :D

What are your favorite moment(s) or highlight(s) from 2013 about Chelsea? Can be about anything, from things from off and obviously on the pitch.

Mine would be:

1. Lampard breaking the goalscoring record and securing Champions League place against Aston Villa. After the madness and draining season we had, the emotion and feeling was just like 'OMG YES, GET IN' when Lampard scored the late winner and clinch the top 4 spot especially when we contrived to almost mess things up in that game but the combination of both factors was a joy and relief at the same time.

2. Winning the Europa League - after spurning countless of opportunities to win trophies last season(!) - and becoming only the 4th side in history to win the Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Cup. And oh of course, screwing Jorge Jesus in the process, again!

3. Mourinho returning. Need I say more about this?

4. Juan Mata. Just a joy watching this player and his brilliance in the team and then seeing him winning the club's Player of the Year award. Shame he won't be the first in the club's history to win it 3 in a row given what has happened this season.

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Mourinho returning. That was the biggest moment. I was seeing my Facebook year review and were there a few posts of me talking about Mourinho. The moment he resigned from Real Madrid I started to ask what Chelsea was waiting to announce him. And the day he was finally announced Nadal (tennis player) was playing whatever and I posted saying even if Rafa lost he wouldn't ruin my day because Mourinho had been appointed for us. Nothing else mattered as much as that.

Now thinking about something in the pitch... I'll say us beating Manchester City for the first time in a few years. Among all our fixtures that match is the one I was looking forward the most because they proved to be a bad matchup for us recently, but not only because of the scorlines. It was the way they seemed to dominate us in every match I remembered in the last couple of years.

In all honestly I don't think Chelsea had a remarkable year and I don't think we had remarkable matches (either because of their importance or because of the rivals). Our year was quite underwhelming and uneventful and I'm okay with that because football is way too competitive these days. More and more clubs injecting money had increased the amount of teams playing in high level, so it's okay to have a 'bad' year. But Mourinho feels like a breath of fresh air and I have high expectations about the years to come. They're going to be amazing and I'm sure already this time next year it'll be hard to pick the moment I've cherished the most.

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Mourinho coming back was the greatest moment. Beginning of a new era of domination for us. In the next 2 years we will have a clear pattern of play, vision and domination under mourinho. After we have suffered with other managers and being underdogs in every competition for 3-4 years now, mourinho brings that fear other teams had against us back.

Lampard breaking the record goals and securing top four. zola made me become a chelsea fan but lampard was very special to me. Even though he is not as good as he was, he is still My favourite chelsea player of all time.

John terry back leading our line from the back is a thing I am so happy about. How benitez kept our legend from playing was a sad sight for so long.

Top matches:

1. Liverpool win- fucking happy to win this lot after so many years.

2. Europa league win- glad to win this trophy after going out of the champs league embarrassingly.

3. Mancity win- these cunts have dominated and bullied us for years. Luckily we had mourinho here to put a stop to that.

Happy new year in advance.

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Winning the Europa Cup and making history....

Lampard breaking the record

Jose coming back

Not so much a moment but the Hazard and the ball boy who turned out to be not so much a boy and a complete twat sticks in my mind

Defintly been a bloody weird year!Many ups and downs...more downs but hey hopefully all good now!Still think of moments and mega wtf

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I thought Mourinho's return would be subdued when there were strong rumours especially in May but the moment he was announced as the manager for real, the internet exploded. His first presser had an unreal number of people listening in on the live feed. Easily the best Chelsea moment of the year

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