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  1. I heard that some pubs might not be allowed to show the match if it means that more people will be meeting in them. Don't know how they would enforce that, probably rely on trust and goodwill on the owners part.
  2. well 4 points from spurs then bournemouth ain't too bad but just sick of inconsistency and trying to string results together.
  3. Why do I watch football lol? Shit just makes me depressed when I am otherwise just fine. Comical match and outcome
  4. we actually scored a counter attacking goal too, cant remember the last time that was the case
  5. didn't deserve it but ill take it all day long
  6. when mourinho plays dier this happens
  7. It's not the manager's who decide if they play the youth. It's the owner and board. No manger is going to risk playing a team with too much youth in it if the target is challenging titles and advancing in Europe. We've seen that for years.
  8. we will get steamrolled by arsenal in the final. they been pants in the league but look good in this competition. we've been bad across the board.
  9. lol cause we aren't going down already
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