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  1. Does anyone have a gif of Lamaprd celebrating that last goal?
  2. There's beauty in symmetry and the new design looks asymmetrical af
  3. Guess we'll have to wait till Monaco signs him, sends him out to loan at United, playing for their U21 side(again) and him lopping his locks off. We ain't getting him this window
  4. Both parties are at fault here. Mourinho for publically lashing out at his medical staff and Eva for that weird FB post. This should've been sorted out as an internal matter and shouldn't have allowed to escalate like it did rn. Reflects poorly on the club.
  5. I was saying that Stones can play RB as well. So we don't have to play Azpi RB and have someone else play LB. We need both Stones and Rahman this season for our title defense
  6. Love the shape on those crosses. Imagine the possibilities with a better striker at the end of it rather than the clueless ones Augsburg have. Decent at 1 v 1 as well. Still feels like a step down from Filipe Luis
  7. Same applies to the RB situation as well. If Ivanovic is injured/suspended we have the same problem ( don't see Cuadrado staring as a RB or Zouma even) Our top priority rn is to get Stones and Rahman/another LB
  8. Don't know why another 34m would be a problem here. Would be kicking myself if we lost him to United in January if we let him be at Everton this window.
  9. Would hate to see Oscar getting sacrificed for Ramires again. Ramires in for Fabregas in our usual 4-2-3-1 would work. The rest of the team just picks itself. Not too sure about Moses though, especially when Cuadrado's around.
  10. Same here. I could drink Smirnoff Ice all day long. Don't know why its considered a women's drink
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