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  1. I doubt, Pogba is coming to Chelsea. Too expensive & too controvercial. Lol. I can't help it, but basically he is not worth it.
  2. Just to spice it up here. Transfer dealings January & summer so far. Outs: Mata - 37m KDB - 18m Luiz - 48m Total income 103m plus freed up wages Ins: Matic - 21m Salah - 11m Zouma - 12m Fabregas - 27m Costa est. 32m Luis est. 18m Total spend - 121m Net spend 18m An Amazing & an unbelievable business, I must say.
  3. Costa deal is much more complicated because Jose wants Luis & Tiago included.
  4. bushman


    According to the latest, Real Madrid is prepared to pay 25m or more for Ramires.
  5. Over the years, we have seen many strange dealings. Lol. Apparently, Carlo likes Ramires a lot. One cannot say it will never happen. Lol.
  6. http://sportsvibe.co.uk/news/football/chelsea-and-real-madrid-in-talks-for-midfielder-swap-34409/ If there is anything to this rumor, I would swap immediately.
  7. One year & counting. How much is he worth now & next season? Lol.
  8. https://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/the-rio-report/images-abound-unfinished-world-cup-stadia-amid-safety-102455035.html Are you ready Brazil?
  9. A bit of Chinese arithmetic? Perhaps, 100m or more could be a deterrent? I mean, after all how many clubs can afford to pay 100m?
  10. Sorry cechx, thick fingers on my tablet. Uninjured.
  11. Diego Costa has fully recovered from his injury & is ready to play. Hopefully, he plays well in Brazil and comes to Chelsea unjured.
  12. I doubt, Lukaku is willing to sign an extension to his contract. Most likely, he wants to run out his current deal & walk out of Chelsea.
  13. Shaw gets a huge wage, but this kid is there for years. Therefore, United were willing to pay it & Chelsea weren't.
  14. Perhaps, Chelsea should? Hazard is the most talented player on Chelsea´s squad & sooner of later someone will try to pry him away from Chelsea. That clause acts as a deterrent.
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