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  1. Best boxer of our generation would be the Klitschko brothers, not Mayweather.
  2. The entire Madrid derby tie reminded me of 2010, 2014 World cup final games. Both teams with very organised defence. Always fun to watch, almost like a chess game.
  3. We really messed up big time this year, the fact we got knocked out by this PSG side.
  4. This is the hardest game for us this season on paper. A fabregas goal would be beautiful and Drogba to score obviously like he always does against Arsenal.
  5. What a win lads!!! Suprised Herrera wasn't booked at the end for diving. That dive was blatant as it gets.
  6. Sevilla did very good in the end, but let's not forget AVB had a depleted squad. Read this if you don't know what I am talking about. http://news.yahoo.com/sevilla-face-depleted-zenit-europa-league-quarters-031637965--sow.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter With this being said, Zenit came very close today considering it was away game and the fact they didn't have their main player. I think they will go through convincingly at Russia.
  7. Napoli winning 2-0 and Zenit winning 1-0. Napoli vs Zenit final would be juicy. AVB vs Rafa, who wouldn't like that??
  8. Well said buddy, you are 100% correct. Majority of people in media and on social media seem butthurt more than anything. This is a WORLD cup, something that should be hosted by everyone, not an event to be only hosted by the football elitsts. You know what's funny? Before Brazil 2014 world cup, in 2013 there were mass rioting and protests in Brazil, somehow the media tried saying Brazil should be stripped of hosting the world Cup because of the violence caused by people. But wasn't there mass rioting in London in 2011, a year before the summer Olympics were hosted?? The hypocrisy of media...
  9. I'm proud to be a Chelsea Fan, please keep this up.
  10. Next year, title race between us, Arse-Anal and Manure.
  11. Phew.....This record couldn't have happened easily if it wasn't for Alphabetical ordering, remember when we were only above City because we were spelt with 'C' rather than 'M'.
  12. Kinda pissed we've had amazing players sold like KDB, Mata, Salah, Schurrle only to allow Cuadrado in our team.....
  13. Courtois seemed talented at start of season and before he came but now he isn't working for us. The kid needs a rest.
  14. We've made Charlie Adam look world class.........
  15. This man's a straight up genius, even though he has limited football knowledge. Sadly, he predicted us to lose..
  16. Well Portugal aren't exactly a great team, they're definitely not in the same level as Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, etc. Yes they got Ronaldo and Moutinho, but rest team is average. They are as dependent on Ronaldo as Wales are dependent on Bale. Portugal were great from 2004-2012 however.
  17. Netherlands against Iceland, Turkey. Germany against Ireland, Poland. Italy against Bulgaria. Football can be truly unpredictable at times...
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