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  1. What a unbelievable performance from the lads. Today's display rightfully reminded me of the true Chelsea, the one we were all used to seeing before last season. Conte is our new Mourinho. We are looking great for top 4, if Tottenham capitulate, we should be on track for top 4, given we don't throw away easy games. Next three games are against Middlesborough (A), Tottenham (H) and City (A). Middlesborough and Tottenham should be easy 6 points, given our momentum. With Man City away, I am not too sure but 1 point, if we manage it, I'll be happy with. I am loving the three at the back syst
  2. Those are some interesting facts. It mentions "Iberian" but I didn't know Iberian could mean an ancient Georgian Kingdom, as I always thought Iberia meant Spain and Portugal. With Georgians, most of them look identical to a Southern Spanish look. Maybe some centuries ago, the Georgians and the Spanish exchanged genes and hence their similarity in looks. They seem to be lacking the genes to make them good at football, something Spain has
  3. Do Georgians share common genetics with Spanish people? Looking at their football team, most of them have very similar similar features to a Spanish footballer/person.
  4. Absolutely saddened to hear one of our own, going to United. I am still respectful for all he has done for Chelsea FC. He is our best ever manager. The fact that some Chelsea fans have starting to call Mourinho "scum" and "traitor", shouldn't really be our fans. This man, Mourinho, built our club. He won us 75% of all league titles, won post Roman takeover. How can we give someone like him stick? I am indeed agitated by him. But aren't Chelsea FC in the wrong here? We sacked him TWICE, and both times being undeserved. Did we seriously expect him to stay so loyal to us, where we hav
  5. If you thought Leicester City are the only ones this year to emulate such a magical run, well think again. This year, as it currently stands, it appears last season relegation side Rostov in Russia, are now top of the Russian league with only few more games to go. Next season we could have Rostov and Leicester in pot 1 of the Champions league, all from being relegation survivors in their respective leagues....
  6. Here are some interesting facts. Leicester's magical run, which started this time last year, began after beating West Ham 2-1 at home. Today, West Ham end Leicester's winning streak. Liverpool's 13/14 title challenge collapsed after beating Norwich away, securing top 4 finish. This year, Leicester after beating Sunderland away to secure top 4, drop points in a very long time to West Ham and are heading towards a difficult run of fixtures.
  7. https://www.docdroid.net/TZzPpK2/the-doping-scandal.pdf.html Here is the full article. Chelsea's old fitness coach involved. "He had not worked directly with players on sports drugs but claimed he had been told that some of the chelsea players used banned substances during his time at the club." - regarding Chelsea's fitness coach. Some very big statement here.
  8. Will anyone be surprised if any Leicester players are behind this? Something was always fishy behind their "magical run".
  9. Why can't we make HIDDINK our permanent manager?
  10. There's a difference between poverty and starving. Lol.
  11. There's this common misconception with China or Russia. These two nations have their prosperous regions but also their not so prosperous, where you would find poverty. China and Russia are both multi-ethnic states. China isn't just China or Russia isn't just Russia, it's just other autonomous regions such as Tibet, Xinjiang, but with huge populations. Western and Southern China mostly major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou are prosperous, almost like Japan, Korea. Most Han Chinese places are not "poor". But since China has MASSIVE Eastern provinces such as Xinjiang, TIbet, Qinghai,
  12. Russian people starving? WTF did I read??
  13. If you live in England, especially I am talking about. It may be a different case in other countries. But the Dutch and French leagues always seem to get more exposure. These leagues are shown regularly on BT Sport. They are covered by Sky Sports News and their scores are on every newspaper here. Here's the thing, the French league is behind the Portuguese league in terms of UEFA coefficient and may even go behind the Russian League after this season. The league itself is a one man league. Where as the Portuguese league is a three horse battle and teams are competitive in Europe, such as
  14. We should rather sign someone like Artem Dzyuba of Zenit, someone proven at the highest club level football. Not sure what to say on Pato. Chelsea do love signing hasbeen strikers.
  15. Look what Ranieri has done with the players in Leicester.
  16. Saddest moment for Chelsea fans, who wanted long term stability.
  17. People always love to bring up Mourinho selling Lukaku, Mata, Luiz this season, in such a convenient time when we are doing awful. Last season, Lukaku Mata Luiz were not part of the team but I barely heard any mention of them when we were top of the league. Bringing them up at this moment of time is irrelevant.
  18. No point sacking Mourinho but there is a point sacking the players that do not want to play for the club. Mourinho isn't the problem here, people have to realise.
  19. We will be getting AVB back, I can just feel it happening.
  20. Mourinho has done everything to please the fans, he's started to play Baba Rahman, he has dropped Terry and he is playing Hazard up front, everything the fans wanted. Today's game, all our players were absolutely wasteful, we were denied a penalty too and on top of all this, their goal was offside. In Mourinho's whole lifetime, this is the absolute worst he is doing. He has never been even a quarter as bad as he is now. With this being said, what does this tell you? Shouldn't this indicate most of our players are on their way out and it's not actually the manager? For the time being, Mourinho
  21. Mourinho is not the one to blame for today's result, not at all.
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