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  1. I live in the UK and I am not sure if BBC 1 will broadcast it. Where can I watch the game on the TV?
  2. Calm Down, I was only kidding. I wanted to see what reaction I would get if I said that after beating a team away 3-1. I don't hate Rafa, I think he is doing OK for us.
  3. Haven't we got the exact same point as Shakhtar now? So if we score 1 more goal, wouldn't we be ahead of Shakhtar?
  4. We lost to West Ham 3-1 but demolishing Nordsjaelland, but that's Rafa. Shit play in the EPL but Good in the Champions League.
  5. Am I the only one with the feeling that the Juventus game is fixed? Won't be surprised, after all it's Juventus.
  6. Lol at the people who are getting the feeling that Torres has suddenly became good, calm down. We are playing one of the worst teams in the champions league. If he scores a goal against Man Utd, Man City, then we'll talk...
  7. God, our attacking is tanking right now..
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