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  1. Absolute tragic. Why the fuck was Matic taken off straight away? I have been a loyal supporter of Jose all this time but I'm starting to question whether he really is fit for us now. Still I'd give him few more games.
  2. How about all Chelsea fans learn from Dortmund fans of last year? Patience is a virtue....
  3. Meh......Dynamo Kiev and Tel Aviv should be overcomable anyways....
  4. Iva not dropped but Hazard + Matic dropped, yeah ok...........
  5. Schurrle has been very average for Wolfsburg so far. Mourinho should be handed a medal for getting 22m out of Schurrle.
  6. Faux. Mourinho completely Built Porto FC from scratch and won them the Champions League, plus 2 Portuguese titles. Same thing can be said about his Inter side. At least Mourinho did not finish 7th in any of his seasons. Anyways, I'm not discrediting Klopp but at this current juncture, Mourinho is still our best possible manager to take us forward.
  7. David Luiz? No way we would be better. Mata? Well he doesn't track back. Yes we would've been better with KDB in our team but still Mourinho, has managed to keep a good Net spend while achieving loads at Chelsea, something good these days with FFP laws. Plus, out of all the long term Chelsea managers, Mourinho has the highest win percentage, both of this terms are the highest.
  8. What you said is complete nonsense. Chelsea, since the Premier League has been formed, has won 4 PL trophies and Mourinho won us 3 of our 4 PL trophies. So he's won us 75%. He's won us the double last year and were unlucky to go out in the Champions League last year. He's also generated the most money for Roman, with sales of Mata, Luiz, Schurrle, KDB and so on. Tell me, what other manager will be better for Chelsea than Mourinho is? We've seen so many managers since 2003 come and go rapidly.
  9. Those wanting Klopp in, are being very contradictory here. We are wanting the best manager in the world out because of inconsistency but we are wanting another inconsistent manager to take over? Shit makes no sense.
  10. Everyone in the world, may dislike Mourinho's antics but Arsenal, Liverpool, United, City fans would take Mourinho in a heartbeat. Other team fans may dislike Mourinho as someone working for Chelsea, their rivals, but everyone in the world knows Mourinho is the best manager in the world. You don't seem too knowledgeable about football.
  11. There's a fine difference between criticising the manager, players, etc and flat out wanting the manager sacked for no apparent reason. Mourinho has been stubborn over his selection for Iva but how will sacking him make this whole situation any better? Wanting him sacked is pretty much saying "oh hey, we are out of title race, might as well make things even worse". We don't have anyone to replace him right now, with Klopp on sabbatical. No manager will walk in now and win us the title. Many managers over the 10 years, came and went at a rapid rate. We have got the best manager in the world cur
  12. Well you can't deny the improvement since the Everton game. Today, we've managed to get a point at our's hardest away venue in England. First point at St James' Park since 2011/12 season. Mourinho is trying his best to improve our squad and he rightly deserves the January transfer window to bolster the squad. He needs to get rid of Iva.
  13. Didn't know our club had so many fickle unloyal fans..........
  14. While this result does not feel satisfying considering in the huge crisis Chelsea are at, it is about time we got something out of St James Park.
  15. Costa is one vile filthy individual, but for the sake of him being a Chelsea player, I gotta support the fella. He's a phenomonal player and requires support to bolster him. But I couldn't imagine how I'd feel about him, if he played for any other team.
  16. Remember before the Maccabi game, I said if we win the Maccabi match, we are back to business. You can thank me later.
  17. Win this game, and we are only 3 points off Arsenal.
  18. No Willian/Pedro mmhhhh.....not the best news to hear. But I did say on another thread. Once we beat Maccabi, we are back in business.
  19. So glad to hear Mourinho chants today, that man deserves it. Good to see our greatest ever manager getting the respect he deserves. All the fickle fans on here, shame on you!
  20. AVB got a huge win over Valencia away, can see him finishing 1st in group. Maybe this is the season for him to redeem himself.
  21. First home win of the season this will be, very belated indeed.
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