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  1. He has been linked with Arsenal a lot recently. I'd like to know how these Russian players would perform outside of Russia, but their wages in Russia mean they would never leave Russia. Another striker in Russia would be Dzyuba, second top scorer in CL behind Ronaldo currently.
  2. Well you're a French Belgian so it makes sense for you. For majority of the people in the world, this isn't "home" to everyone. The issue with everyone changing profile pictures on Facebook, is why wasn't there a feature of changing your PP to a Turkish flag when the Ankara bombings took place for example. Or the Russian plane crash? Why weren't buildings lighting up Russian flags? There needs to be some consistency and balance in the reporting. You can't be reporting the Paris Bombing if you are not even gonna mention a second of the Beirut bombing. Both huge tragedies. At least Aljazeera are
  3. Best Article on the Paris Attack ------------------------------------------ The World, at Large — We are in mourning. Again. Indeed, Paris is in mourning, again. For the second time in less than a year, we are all de facto Parisians — with Facebook profiles, casinos, and whole buildings draped in the blue, white, and red of the French flag. Solidarity as sympathy, bien sûr — a most poignant message that humanity stands with Paris — and will act decisively to avenge the “carnage” unexpectedly wrought by those whose motives most will never fall victim to, much less comprehend. Most? Evidently, d
  4. 90% of the terrorists are Muslims? It's a shame the media haven't labelled that Germanwings pilot a terrorist, or that Norwegian mass shooter. This terrorist label is reserved for muslims. Open your eyes.
  5. What's actually happened to our players, even without the "man who is destroying our club", we are awful.
  6. AVB is the best manager of Europe currently, only manager with 100% record so far in CL.
  7. According to the betting odds, Frank De Boer and Leonid Slutsky are tied sixth favourites to succeed Mourinho at Stamford Bridge.
  8. Was hearing we may get Slutsky or Conte. Interesting....
  9. Would people be happy if Chelsea appointed Claudio Ranieri again? The man is working wonders at Leicester.
  10. There's something fundamentally wrong at Chelsea FC. It goes far far beyong the manager's role. Our entire back 4 needs to be replaced for starters. I am starting to lose faith now. If Mourinho can't get us to win, I honestly know who will. It's becoming increasingly worrying every week.
  11. It's a privilege, to have the worlds best manager at our club. Some fans on here don't deserve Mourinho.
  12. He has a pragmatic approach to games, so as Jason said, he is similar to Mourinho or AVB.
  13. Right now at this current state, we shouldn't be going for managers without PL experience. The English league is such a hard league to adapt to and with our current state, it's even worse. This is why I disagree with getting Simeone, Pep or any other non PL managers. Just look at Klopp for example, he is struggling already at Liverpool. But if this was the start of the season, I wouldn't have an issue of getting a manager from a foreign league. Slutsky, on the other hand, is a very talented underrated manager. He has gotten the small club of CSKA to Quarters of CL twice, won CSKA the title ma
  14. Leonid Slutsky, the manager of CSKA and Russia, is a possible candidate to replace Mourinho if sacked. http://www.marca.com/2015/10/27/futbol/futbol_internacional/premier_league/1445935825.html
  15. Lol it was Mourinho's fault for that Hazard's miss! If Pep was here, Hazard would've scored. Nah but seriously, Mourinho is the best Premier League manager out there. That man has won 3 trophies out of 4 full PL seasons. The thing with Mourinho, in my eyes, he has earnt his days here. He knows what he is doing. Majority of pundits believe Mourinho will turn this around. This man eats, sleeps, shits Chelsea, he is our man. There seems to be a lot of people on here living on a fantasy dream, believing Pep will change everything at Chelsea. Lol, Pep built his entire profile off outspending rival
  16. Honestly, words cant express how upset I am. Our players, especially Matic now, hazard, Fabregas have been so bad. All our outfield players have been woeful. I can't blame Mourinho for this. A manager does not have control over the players. We need to start from scratch either January or next summer, and start to change things. Mourinho, yes he is going down a downward spiral but honestly who is going to replace him at this current moment? There's nobody and frankly I have faith Mourinho will start changing things eventually.
  17. Lol some actually believe Klopp is better than Mourinho?
  18. There are no good managers to replace him with, if he gets sacked now. The best possible manager we could get now is Capello.
  19. Mourinho getting the sack immediately wouldn't have been an issue but there's no decent managers in the market currently in the market to fill his role. At best, we'd be getting Capello.
  20. Here's what I said in the Match thread and I stand by it. Awful. Clueless. I still do stand by the fact Jose does indeed deserve 1-2 more games to prove himself this season. Or at least the January transfer window. But as time goes, seems like his days at Chelsea are becoming numbered. It's sad but I seriously can't think of any other manager in this planet better than Mourinho, I seriously cannot. Anyways with Klopp away on a sabbatical, sacking Jose will be disastrous. No other managers in this world can fill his job or at least temporarily stabilise the team. Anyways, if this is Mourinho's
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