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  1. HAHA Yes!! I was gutted after the 5-3 game that we weren't going to be playing these lot anymore this season for a payback. Thank god I was proven wrong.
  2. Those who are saying they don't care, are not true Chelsea fans. Before the bad run of games, everyone was expecting the quadruple, now the tone has changed.... This is indeed a worrying matter, this game will psychologically effect us.
  3. Before the game, I would've taken the draw. But after this game, this draw wasn't satisfying, that's where the problem is.
  4. Get to put it out here, Sturridge I think will be back for next week's 2nd leg. Just to make things harder.
  5. Wow never thought I'd be cheering for Arsenal this much, especially against a team Frank plays for. Arsenal did us a huge service today and I thought Coquelin, Bellerin, Cazorla were amazing. Arsenal were set up very nicely, with good one touch football and counter attacking, I think this is how Arsenal should be set up to play against harder teams in the Champions League. There's a saying, "an enemy of an enemy, is a friend".
  6. Just a freak result, same reason Germany beating Brazil 7-1 WC.
  7. Charlie Austin & Harry Kane gives us some hope for Euro 2016, good times ahead for England.
  8. Lampard is a liar, fraud, traitor and a backstabber. Yes I respect his work here at Chelsea but the way he handled this whole transfer to City was diabolical. Shame on him.
  9. Although this is most likely bullshit, I would love Messi at Chelsea. I'd be happy if we had to pay more than 100m for him. He is worth all of it. But no way Barcelona are selling him.
  10. Biggest embarrassment here, losing to Tottenham is the worst.
  11. I feel betrayed yet again by Lampard, I keep thinking to myself why he does this. A true legend surely wouldn't leave the fans in such agony and pain from seeing him in a rival shirt, right? Does anyone think after this season, they'll extend Lampard's contract even further?
  12. Shit happens, this is football. We lost, we deserved to win this. Clear penalty denied. Oh well...onto the next game, we will come back stronger.
  13. Good game this, we will win. Always good to see those City fans being hopeful of us losing then seeing us win after all.
  14. KING of London!! What a monster of a goal that was by Costa.
  15. YESS Austin!! Can't believe people compare him to Kane. Austin's got 12 goals now opposed to Kane's only 5 goals in PL. Austin has now managed to score against us, City & Arsenal. All Kane's been doing is scoring against shitty Europa League/League cup pub sides.
  16. Lampard to be subbed on in the 70th minute, then he will score the winner.
  17. Henry is an absolute legend, probably the greatest PL striker. Good luck to him in the future.
  18. Lol Monaco aren't a walk in the park fixture, Monaco knocked out Zenit out of the UCL and only conceded 1 goal the entire group stages. Monaco are a very organised team and Arsenal barely beat Anderlecht over the two legs. I think the Arsenal fans are out for a massive surprise. City will be knocked out, Barca with a comfortable win. Dortmund, Schalke, Leverkusen all to go out already. Munich have a hard fixture against Donetsk, can see them going out. Europa League wise, Everton & Tottenham will probably go through comfortably. Besiktas are a decent team and they probably will beat Liverp
  19. No I was talking about Man Utd emulating City's 13/14 season. At first, City were struggling at away games and were losing to relegation, newly promoted sides like Cardiff, isn't this exactly Utd this season? They lost to Leicester and lost many points away. Utd are basically emulating the last season of City. That was my point.
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