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  1. Every game, Man Utd are showing why they are Man City of last season.
  2. So joining Inter & Madrid, teams in a different league, makes him a traitor? Aha, that's the silliest thing I've heard all week. What Lampard is doing, he joined a DIRECT rival club to Chelsea and has constantly been scoring for them, to the point he's even scored against us.
  3. Can't wait to read Term-X rant on Lampard now.
  4. Lampard will score again today to break Chelsea's hearts.
  5. OK, here is another question. What if, the final was between Roma vs Everton for example and Roma get top 2 in their league in the same season which is direct qualification for CL and if Roma win the EL, will Everton as runner ups be given the champions league spot?
  6. Umm....because they were the first team to beat Mourinho's Chelsea at the bridge and beat us twice, without letting us have a single shot on target that game. In fact, Basel are a bogey side for English teams in general, we saw what they are capable of doing against English teams and they did it to Liverpool. Basel will try to make a name for themselves and history for the club, if they manage to get to the Quarter finals. They will be a very hungry club in the 2nd round. Not saying we can't beat Basel but we all know for a FACT that they are capable of beating us HOME & AWAY. I think if w
  7. Basel are the hardest team for us, they are our bogey side. But the easiest team probably would be Bayer, we should beat them with ease. PSG & Juve are hard too. I think Juve will be best to get, time for revenge.
  8. OK fair lol I don't mind once you quote me. Liverpool were just as bad in CL as in the league, at first yes I thought they would make it through but I'm not really bothered, it's Liverpool for crying out loud, a team that are 9th lol. Zolayes, I think Arsenal are pretty decent in the CL and they have good chance to advance as long as they aren't drawn with Real, Barca or Munich. City, I'm not sure about tbf, they've had their good, bad and the ugly days in the CL.
  9. Lol, Leverkusen, Dortmund and Schalke all will be knocked out next round. While, we and Arsenal/City will still remain. It's either Arsenal or City to quarters I think, don't think both of them will make it tho.
  10. Man, wished Salah got more game time, definitely could've used him against Newcastle.
  11. Yet another Italian side flatter to deceive. We've seen it all. AS Roma gave everybody false impression by winning first game 5-1 and getting a point at the Etihad. TBH, as long City get Dortmund or Porto, they'll go through. Don't see them going past Monaco, Monaco have a VERY organised defence and keep in mind, City couldn't break down CSKA.
  12. Is anyone here afraid of Basel? We may just very well be drawn with them, after all they are our bogey team in Europe.
  13. OK that sounds good lol. Unless they buy quality players in January, don't see them doing much in the Europa League.
  14. Does anybody on here know the chances of LFC getting back into the champions league by winning the Europa League this year?
  15. Monaco have been woeful tbh domestically but they've managed to grind 1-0 results out against Benfica & Leverkusen, who aren't very good opposition. They have a very good defense, that's the thing that makes them good. They've probably only conceded 1 goal the entire group, probably the least. Lol just loving all the Arsenal tweets praying Arsenal get Monaco in the 2nd round, just hoping Monaco don't make it easy for Arsenal if they are drawn.
  16. Zenit were woeful this game, no threat at all and Hulk was invisible. Oh well, there's always next year I guess for AVB. But now that he has entered the Europa League, most likely he is the favourite now to win it.
  17. Zenit game, Monaco had 1 shot and Zenit had 2. Only 3 shots the entire half. Bloody hell, there needs to be more action in this game.
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