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  1. Mourinho has achieved more here than any other manager put together in the 11 years of Roman's era. He's not "normal like any other manager". This man built success at Chelsea. He has the highest win percentage out of any Chelsea managers in HISTORY. Mourinho wasn't even given his first choice players he wanted in the summer like Stones or Abdennour. Cesc and Hazard, have been nothing but a shadow of last season. Mourinho needs to be given another transfer window at least with decent funding, where he can buy his first choice players. I am willing to give him a benefit of the doubt. Great mana
  2. Lol brining in RDM or Ranieri would make things worse.
  3. These people don't have an answer to those questions, and that's where the problem lies with sacking Jose.
  4. Unfortunately, to break it to most Chelsea fans, there isn't a better manager than Mourinho in the world. Only Pep is on par but he'd never leave for us.
  5. If Mourinho gets sacked, then he'll win the title with City and even the CL. Hell, he may take over United after LVG retires.
  6. Mourinho is facing something similar of Fergie's campaign at the begining of 2004/05. A huge collapse in the team's performance. What's biting, is that people are calling for Mourinho's departure immediately, which goes to show what's wrong with our fanbase. No manager would come in and perform magic right away and not many managers are available currently anyways. Only Ancelotti but he won't be an overnight success. I can understand giving Jose until end of season and that's what fans should be hoping for. Wanting Jose out as soon as now, is pretty much self destructing. Anyways, as a fan, I
  7. I'm just going to leave two quotes here and that's it, I will say no more about this subject. "If you can't support the management when we lose or draw, don't support it when we win" "If someone doesn't appreciate your presence, make them appreciate your absence" Once we make another Rafa/Avram-esque appointment, as someone succeeding Mourinho, that's when Mourinho's absence will start to matter.
  8. Your first point is pretty much the same here. Hazard and Cesc are away on pre season still. These two players were the engine of Chelsea FC last year. That's like taking away Neymar and Messi from Barca, and expecting it to be the same. During the Roman Era, we've had 9 managers different managers including Mourinho. Only 2 managers have managed to win us the title. 3 of the 4 were won under Mourinho. Mourinho is one of the few managers that knows the Chelsea system. No manager would be able to match Mourinho's achievements here, he's a proven manager. Klopp isn't proven and plus he is away o
  9. Judging from this message, you are voluntarily want the club to sack Mourinho? Am I correct? So who in your ideal world, would be a perfect replacement?
  10. Well Mourinho, for one, was not able to sign his number 1 targets in the summer. We were after John Stones and Abdennour as our primary targets in the transfer windows as full backs. We had to settle down signing second tier players like Papy Djilobodji. Mourinho has been a victim of the transfer window, not working for him. Yes I agree, his love for Iva is actually getting annoying but who else is he going to play? Baba Rahman? Unproven still. Listen, every manager has these moments where nothing is working out. It happened with Pep, Klopp, Ancelotti, Hiddink, you name it. Mourinho should not
  11. Some people are so fickle calling for José sacking. It was only 3 months ago, everyone was happy for a contract extension. Too much blame is put on José and not enough for cesc and hazard. I am fully confident mourinho will turn it around. He just needs hazard and cesc to return from pre season.
  12. Good to see England finally qualify with 100% record. Leonid Slutsky is a very talented manager though I'd have to say. Russia were not even in 3rd spot for playoffs but now within few games, Russia are second now with a 7-0 victory.
  13. This is what AVB has been up to recently:
  14. Doubt AVB would sell anyone now. AVB's Zenit have been struggling in their league this year.
  15. Has there been any new reports of this transfer news today?
  16. Everytime we've been poor in the league, we've always managed to reach the Semis of the Champions League at least, let's hope this is the case this time around.
  17. We were bad today I know but I'm gonna leave one thing here. To all those Jose haters, if you are not getting behind our manager during the bad times, then don't support the manager during the good period. Your support is not welcome.
  18. He was a key influencial player in Guangzhou Evergrane AFC Champions League triumph.
  19. They've been weakened due to departures of Jackson Martinez, Quintero, Danilo. It's not the same Porto we all saw last year.
  20. Prediction: Chelsea 2-1 Palace: Pedro and Costa to score. Cabaye to score for Palace.
  21. Can someone explain to me, why a Chinese player cannot get a work permit here? I don't understand this.
  22. Some bad news for this transfer..... http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/601509/Chelsea-Transfer-News-Chinese-Defender-Zhang-Linpeng-Guangzhou-Evergrande
  23. Yes it is a common thing clubs end up doing. I believe, few years ago, Sporting CP signed an Indian player but barely played any games. I heard it made them more popular in India. With China, it'd be harder with more corruption, meaning more replicas being sold. But tbf, Japan were like China in terms of World cups. It wasn't until 1998, they started to compete in World Cups. I'm sure with better management, training, faciliities and less corruption, China can do the same as Japan. Zhang Linpeng was a key defender for his club's Champions League triumph and I wouldn't have a problem with him
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