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  1. Just put a bet on Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales to all qualify for Euro 2016. This one may be slight bizzare but I'm thinking to put some money on Wales reaching quarters/semis of Euro 2016. They've got a complete team with Bale finally able to display his talent. Think Wales can beat any team, when Bale clicks obviously, just like he did against Israel. Can see Bale and Ramsey taking Wales pretty far, even further than England, but let's just see what happens.
  2. Losing a 2 goal lead......so rafa esque...
  3. With Kane being such a great player, I think England have a legitimate chance in Euro 2016 of winning it.
  4. Farewell BVB, cya next time you guys qualify. It might be another 5-10 years or might never happen in our lifetime until we see them again. Been a great joy seeing them.
  5. Messi is better than Pele, Puskas or Maradona IMO. He is a football great. Man I wish those rumours back in January were true about him.
  6. English football about to take a huge nose dive. Italians only few coefficient points behind England for the top 4 champions league. Seeing Juventus Napoli Roma in Europe do good this year, surely can't be good. Worrying..
  7. AVB IMO with his Europa league skills, with Zenit's talented players like Hulk, Witsel, Kerzhakov, Rondon, etc.
  8. Is anyone worried for English UEFA coefficient?
  9. I was rooting for Schalke near the end but overall good that Real got through, makes the Quarters more competitive, instead of seeing Schalke get smashed 4-0.
  10. We fucked up big time with Salah, proper BIG time.
  11. Coutinho, such a talented player. Definitely see Barca/Real buying this kid next season.
  12. While I have nothing against Martinez or Everton, I think it's ridiculous people are suggesting Everton will win Europa League. They will be knocked out by next round.
  13. Seems like Chelsea to carry the English flag in the Champions League yet again. Rest of cunts in English league need to be grateful, UEFA haven't cut the English champions league quota to top 3 or even top 2.
  14. Lmao. Arsenal deserved what they got, for underestimating Monaco. They took Monaco for granted and look what happened. Monaco are a good side, very organised defensively and have beat teams like Benfica and Zenit to get to this stage.
  15. Napoli, Zenit and Everton, the favourites of this cup, are winning obviously. Everton just need to make sure they don't get drawn with a Russian club. Russian clubs are always a pain for English sides. But go Everton!
  16. I'm absolutely disgusted. Those fans deserve to be banned.
  17. The best striker in England. Welcome back!
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