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  1. Backing a Zenit win today, I'm putting my money on them today, better not disappoint. Plus wouldn't it be great if we got Liverpool in the 2nd round? Good old days when they were actually decent...
  2. Wow, how similar can this United team be to last year's City side. Both teams started out poorly, both teams struggled away games at first, both teams lost to relegation sides (Cardiff last year, Leicester this year) and then gradually both of these sides are building up. What can this United side mean to the title race?
  3. Bunch of degenerates, just as bad as Newcastle fans wanting Pardew out.
  4. Ok I did not know about the care taker managing the game against Dortmund but still AVB did an amazing job last season, winning all his first 6 games and he is dominating the league this season, with him on the verge advancing to next round of UCL. I thought AVB was amazing for Tottenham, if AVB had Bale for one more season, he would've got top 4 I think.
  5. Well to be fair, he is doing good in the Champions League with Zenit as he is likely to take them to next round with a win next game. Secondly, he is leading the Russian League by a lot of points with a team that hasn't won the league for 3 years. He did a good job beating Dortmund on second leg away, once the previous manager was sacked after the first leg. I think AVB is a good manager, just has been misconstrued. He did a fine job the first season at Spurs. Second season, he started out brilliantly the first month or so. He started getting beat by Liverpool, City and he was only off 4 point
  6. AVB would make a disastrous mistake if he were to leave Zenit to come to Liverpool FC lol, it'd just wreck his career. Currently, he is building up, and he is doing a fine job for Zenit, leading the Russian League and doing decent at the Champions League. Plus, he is always guaranteed Champions league at Zenit, as long as he finishes 1/2nd.
  7. Get well soon Aguero, huge loss for the Premier league and City. It sucks he's out for 6 months, oh well I guess this is an advantage for us.
  8. Pretty much, the FA want competition in the title race so it makes the league look good. If we kept winning and City kept dropping points, there'd be 0 competitors for the title race, it'd be the Bundesliga basically.
  9. And it's over. 4-0 on the cards now. Let's hope Leicester do us a favor next week.
  10. If miraculously, which won't happen but if City lose/draw today to Everton, although this is a good result for us, it's also a very good result for United who are now challenging for the title. That'd mean United would be only 2 points off City and 8 points off us. United are looking very promising now as we progress along this season.
  11. Don't hold your breath, Everton are hopeless and will get thrashed 4-0 probably.
  12. Everton have been woeful this year, hell even Tottenham beat them and Hull managed a draw away. Everton will be thumped 4-0 today.
  13. Cahill was awful, Costa was a liability for us today and we didn't take our chances, like the Hazard chance for example. Why wasn't Costa subbed off for Remy? Remy would've made a huge impact I think in this game. Now the league is looking harder, we have more pressure mounting onto the players and Jose, let's just hope the title contenders like City and Utd drop points this week, but unlikely to happen. What absolutely pisses me of, those scum of the Earth Newcastle fans wanted Pardew out at the start of the season, the guy is a brilliant manager, stupid plastic fans.
  14. Honestly if we do not win the CL, I'd want an uncommon team to win the CL that hasn't won it in the last 10 years, I wouldn't mind Dortmund, PSG, Atletico, Juventus to win it this year if we somehow fail to. I'm sick and tired of seeing the same old Barcelona, Madrid, Munich always winning the CL, it sort of makes the whole thing predictable.
  15. Still don't understand why Hart is our number 1 keeper, Forster is head and shoulders better than Hart lol. Goes to show favoritism in the English team.
  16. Man Utd will get top 4 definitely, if not they will get top 3.
  17. What do you mean by "different level to any keeper"? Are you talking about sweeper keeper styled play?
  18. If Neuer is nominated for Ballon D'or, then why isn't our Courtois nominated? Conceded far less goals for Atletico, far less in the Champions league and even conceded less open play goals at the WC (counted up to Quarters).
  19. WTF, Neuer wasn't even the best GK in the WC. Keylor Navas was far better than him. Neuer did not have the most amount of clean sheets either. On what basis was he nominated for Ballon D'Or? Look at this: http://static.sportskeeda.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/xwcek6q-2094158.png Shall I name you who else should've been shortlisted? Robben, Zlatan, Suarez.
  20. Hope Neuer doesn't win the Ballon D'or, it'd be an insult to greats like Lev Yashin. The only damn keeper to win the Balon D'or!
  21. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/542031/Manchester-City-Chelsea-Frank-Lampard-Pellegrini-contract-football http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2855029/Frank-Lampard-cools-talk-Manchester-City-future-admits-nice-hear-wanted-Manuel-Pellegrini.html
  22. He is a liar. Remember when he was saying he didn't want to play against Chelsea? And then he ended up scoring against us.
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