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  1. Well I felt that you equated Belgian market audience with South Korea's or American, which is why I felt I had to correct you.
  2. You have read too much into the point I was making. I was listing countries like Spain, Argentina or Brazil, because they are your traditional footballing nations, that have produced great quality in the past. You can add nations like France, Italy, Uruguay, Portugal, Germany onto that list. The point I'm making is that because Pulisic is from a nation, where football has a very low profile, he is being judged. USA have not produced anyone great in their history. Had Pulisic been a Brazilian, he would've been compared to Neymar or had he been Argentine, he would've been called the next M
  3. It seems there is a lot of negativity around this signing. People are upset Pulisic is not from Argentina, Brazil or Spain, and the fact he is from the States.
  4. Well and truly the worst signing of the Abramovich era.
  5. He isn't really a "nice" striker either....check his yellow card stats for us last season.
  6. I think a lot of Chelsea fans will always lack respect for Giroud, simply because he came from Arsenal.
  7. Morata is the epitome of a "one trick pony", which isn't bad but as Chelsea FC, our main striker needs to be more than that. Having spunked 60m on a player, you would expect the player to be more than a "one trick pony". Giroud does everything better, except his lack of pace. Even yesterday in the first half, you saw that control and volley shot from Giroud, which was a miss but he used a sublime technique to get that shot away, which is something Morata is poor at.
  8. This comment has been refuted by Giroud today, thankfully.
  9. It's these comments that I simply cannot understand. In what way is Morata the better striker? Before Morata joined us, he scored only 40 top flight league goals in his entire life and started to hit double figures from last season. He is a Real Madrid reject twice. If we compare that to Giroud, he is a proven PL striker. He has reached double figures consistently throughout his career, helped his nation reach Euro 2016 finals, scored a great scorpion kick, and has better goal scoring record than Morata. Nowadays, people are easily fooled by the price tag.
  10. This guy needs his wages to be cut for this week, for the way he reacted after his substitution.
  11. Giroud is the best striker we have currently. End of.
  12. We should consider Vahid Halilhodzic, he should be available after the World Cup.
  13. Lol are you seriously basing your opinion on one game? ONE game? He just had an off-day that game. If you look at this entire season, he has consistently performed throughout the season and scored in most amount of games, and he scored goals against all the top 6, except United. Scored against us, City, Spurs, Arsenal, so of course he is a special player. What do you mean by he doesn't possess any special abilities? How about that 3rd goal he scored against Watford, where he beat 4 defenders and the keeper to score? Does that not count as special?
  14. Arguably our worst ever signing.
  15. Contrary to the popular belief, Giroud is/was a far better striker than Morata but the only issue with Giroud, is that he is declining with age, whilst Morata is supposed to be in his prime. Giroud has hit double figures in the league 7 times in his career, while Morata has only hit double figures twice, despite Giroud being only 6 years older. The only thing Morata has done impressive in his entire career, was the Juventus 14/15 CL run, which yes IMO, it was amazing. Real Madrid have let go of this guy, TWICE, which goes to tell you everything about him, if we are to consider him as some elit
  16. Giroud should be our no.1 striker from now on.
  17. Yes that's true for African American athletes, but not true at all, for White American athletes. Just look at Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Peyton Manning, Aaaron Rodgers, Gronkowski, Ammendola, Foles, Matt Ryan, all of them had kids once they were around 29/30, or some even haven't had any.
  18. Nope you got the wrong idea. Actors, models, singers, golfers, tennis players, rugby players, cricketers, f1 drivers, cricketers, basketballers, nfl players, hockey players, etc, are all pretty much set financially by the age of 18, but you wouldn't see them having kids in their teenage/early 20s. Football/soccer players are mostly uneducated/uncultured in Europe, hence you see a lot of stories like Courtois. You will see all the top football/soccer players had kids in their teenage/early 20s, and that's nothing to do with their financial situation.
  19. What is up with all these uneducated footballers with having kids at a young early age? I understand having kids is a blessing but the fact that this guy is a single father to 2 kids at the age of 25, goes to tell you everything about his intelligence.
  20. Hoping to see Cahill and Drinkwater in this. We should win this easily with a clean sheet. That being said, I really like Qarabag's defensive midfielder and I'm surprised he isn't playing for a European club. His name is Qara Qarayev so watch him closely. Here is his performance against Germany, in a world cup qualifier.
  21. No keeper was ever saving that free kick. What a ridiculous reason to blamed Courtois considering he saved a good Burnley chance.
  22. This man ain't some billionaire for no reason. This ain't no naive businessman running for presidency. Donald Trump is a very wise man, and he knew exactly what to say, to win the "white American" votes. It's not a matter of being able to implement his policies (don't think he believes them) but it's all about the votes for him. He clearly set out his target audience in this entire campaign and couldn't care about what the 10% of minorities in America think because he knew the White Americans villagers would vote him. Anyways, the US presidential position honestly means very little, in fa
  23. After City, most games for Chelsea should be straight forward...given Conte's standards. I still don't know if Chelsea will be title challengers this year....my heart says yes but brain says a no.
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