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  1. Rodgers really made his mark on this Liverpool team though, not fair to judge him after three games
  2. Some of you guys are actually so fickle its actually fucking annoying me. He played well tofsy, in no way shape or form was the result hid fault, the amount of times I saw him on the ball with no one making a run was astounding
  3. We"re really lacking the final pass right now
  4. Oh fuck, that would have been some goal
  5. we're playing really well so far, great pass from cesc.
  6. exactly what's wrong, Man City have been buying young players (Iheanacho, De Bruyne, Roberts, Sterling) unlike us (Pedro, Falaco) and it shows I guess you could say that, but right now he's definitely better than Falcao and I'd rather have him in the team then Remy tbh.
  7. that's also one of the main reasons why we've been failing this season, keeping ivanovic in the team, not playing RLC and sending Solanke out on loan etc. etc. Even if Amelia is better than Blackman, i still think buying him was pointless.
  8. What's wrong? You're supposed to be helping make the community less toxic, not trying to drive senior members away from the forum!
  9. I missed the game live. I was going to watch the replay but according to some of you I'd be wasting my time. Is it worth the watch?
  10. I don't understand how some of you start doubting Hazards ability so quickly - I've seen people call him a big game bottler, but were they saying that when we played Man City away 13 - 14, PSG last season, Arsenal way at the start of 14-15, Sunderland 13-14 (which was a crucial game if I remember correctly)? He`s had some huge performances for us, and I don`t really understand the comparisons with Bale (whos was mediocre all throughout last season) and Reus (who is a completely different player, he wouldn't offer us the creative outlet that we get with Hazard). in my opinion Hazard is one of t
  11. If we lose Hazard and get Bale or even Reus+Isco I'd be pretty disappointed.
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