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  1. Over at Olympique Marseille during an interview he once confessed he sometimes couldn't sleep the night before game-day and then he'd often watch Spongebob episodes to calm his nerves. Fans that saw the interview gave him some friendly banter for it and sang the Spongebob song whenever he had the ball the game following the interview. He replied after that, by carrying a Spongebob rucksack to football games. Glad to see he's still sporting the Spongebob rucksack at the Bridge!! Maybe we should somehow embed Spongebob in the song we'll inevitably make about him and sing
  2. Same line-up as today, except if we have a new (good enough) CB/LB come in and they have enough time to gel with the team on training, then put him/them in. And I really like Costa, but if he's having a game like he had today (trying hard - which I like - but the goals just aren't coming) then I'd like to see Bats sooner then the 80th minute. And definitely get Fabs in if we need a goal, but Kante and Matic were solid today!
  3. Too bad this forum doesn't allow disliking posts
  4. I did not expect your comment to, strangely enough, be this truthful
  5. Can't believe they won't let Michy leave the grounds... Let the guy find an appartment ffs
  6. What's up with all the negativity man? I get that you're not happy, I think there's more people on this forum that would like to see things differently, but you know you can still stick with your team right? I think Kante & Batshuayi have been 2 great signings! Yes I too would welcome a good CB and fullback. And my god we won our last three games. The play/difference/dominance might not have been as you'd like, but we couldn't have done better than 6 points in the EPL and progressed to the next round in the EFL. So what's up what all the negativity?
  7. Batshuayi soooo close!!! Who gave that pass? great pass
  8. Crystal Palace signed Benteke yesterday so I don't expect them to still be interested in Remy.
  9. If you believe it's that easy, well then just do it! You'll earn a lot more than 100k
  10. Talking of executions, good thing Adrian moved or Hazard would have been charged with murder otherwise
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