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  1. Why did Löw take off King Kai? He was the best on the pitch
  2. Pogba only played good against Germany. Now, against Hungary, we saw the normal Pogba that we see 90% of the time in PL that does not perform
  3. She also trolls our players lol. But I like her too. I hope Silva retires at Chelsea and he becomes a defense coach for us under Tuchel
  4. If we can't get a top striker and Sancho goes to Manchester United, we should go for Grealish
  5. First Chelsea player to ever do it and it would make him easily our greatest player ever in history. He deserves it so much
  6. As a third striker, we can always rely on a youth striker. I think our youth has shown how good they are.
  7. I think I am mixing both matches up today
  8. We could have easily made it into another CL final with Hazard, but Morata and Cesc bottled it against Atletico Madrid. Hazard was insane in that match. If we had a better striker back then, we would have reached another final. Does not mean we would have won that, but Hazard was not the reason we did not reach another final. Guys like Morata, Willian and Cesc bottled it
  9. Why do we need a striker? King Kai's best position is false 9. If we buy a big striker, he will sit on the bench a lot, which would be a waste of money and potential.
  10. Pulisic is not that good either currently. I was furious with him too. Sancho is also far better than Pulisic
  11. I can guarantee you that if we get Sancho and Werner and Sancho are playing in the same position, Sancho will play because he is much better. We can make a bet, if we actually buy Sancho and both Werner and Sancho are competing for the same position . King Kai Sancho and Mount would play in our current system
  12. Prime Azpi is back. He is perfectly suited for a back 3
  13. I would go for Sancho. Would improve us big time
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