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  1. Ruben is playing pretty well. Won all his dribblings
  2. Bild is actually pretty reliable when it comes to football news, especially regarding Bundesliga news. As far as I know, they were the first that broke Mou to Chelsea news when Mou came back for a second time. Obviously, they were wrong couple of times, but overall they are reliable. When it comes to this kind of article, that might be BS, but I am pretty sure that if someone makes a real attempt to buy Haaland, Bild will be the first to report it. Apart from football news, Bild is quite bad and not worth mentioning, but from my experiences, they are reliable overall when it comes
  3. They are both ready and perfect for a, back three. But I think Tuchel still prefers Toni and Azpi because they are more leaders
  4. First of all, Torres was a horrible striker back in the day. Drogba was much better, but AVB still played Torres before Drogba. When AVB was sacked, Drogba was again a starter, but before that, he was often on the bench watching Torres play. Tammy knows that Chelsea will not give him a fair chance. Tuchel always substitutes Tammy or CHO. Tuchel never subbed of Werner or Giroud during half time break. Why? Because they are big names. Tammy is just a youth team player. Tomori left and look what he is doing right now. Look at what Lukaku did. He knew Mou will never let him play. He le
  5. Very likely off to United or Man City. His football suits Man United football perfectly
  6. According to Scott Parker, he is playing very good
  7. Broja just scored right now . Now, I am back again
  8. I have already talked with @Magic Lampsabout that topic. Currently, I do not think he is a title winning striker, but in my opinion, he is underrated. He had his goal drought for a period of time last season, but he also played with an ankle injury for a while, which people tend to forget. If he ever manages to fix his headers, I can see him becoming a top striker, yes. He is fast for his size, tall, wins his headers (sadly, he misses them lol), his hold up play improved compared to last year in my opinion and his conversion rate of total shots has improved a lot. He als
  9. Billy will play for the U23 today. So basically, we wasted his potential for this season
  10. It clearly is. Hope he leaves us in the summer and goes to a club where he gets a fair chance. He has 18 scorers in 1500 minutes. Last season he had 15 goals without any help from the midfield just in PL. Highly underrated achievement
  11. I know, but I am so happy for Tomori. He did not deserve to be benched like that at Chelsea when he was still with us.
  12. I think he should have started today. His pace would have troubled Maguire for sure, especially because we did not play as offensive as we used to, so he can focus more on making runs for counter attack. Giroud did not make any sense today. Giroud should only play if we want to play possession based football. Apart from that, play Tammy and/or Werner. Their pace is useful in these kind of games
  13. He is playing really well the last couple of months. He finally found his position. He is perfect for a back 3,but so is Guehi. Probably Tuchel will still let Rüdiger play though
  14. I agree. He was horrible in the first half, but he stepped up in the second half. I would say that was mostly because he is not a counter attacking player. He is a player that needs the ball regularly, not 5 times every 5 minutes. Look at the performance of Bruno. He is exactly the same. If he does not get the ball regularly, he loses possession 20 times per game (that was the most today). Both Bruno nor Ziyech are counter attacking players. Also, give Ziyech couple of matches to get his sharpness back. I always give this example. Remember when KDB was out of the squad 2 months straight and th
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