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  1. Guehi is currently the best 1 vs 1 defender in the world and we did not manage to implement a buy back clause. Such a shame...
  2. I agree with you. Broja is a technically better and mentally more stable version of Werner. Broja also has his weird misses occasionally, but his confidence does not get dropped that badly, especially when you compare it to Werner. Broja missed some sitters already in PL, but he still scored his goals. Broja reminds me of a young Fernando Torres. Does not mean he will reach his levels, but he is very promising. Broja and Lukaku can play together. They don't have that much in common, apart from height. Broja is more agile like you said, while Lukaku is a bulldozer. Sadly, Tuchel did
  3. Broja has definitely more acceleration than Haaland. Also, Broja seems to me that his aerial threat is bigger than Haalands. Broja currently would be probably our best striker.
  4. Sky is the limit for my boy Broja.
  5. Why are you guys talking about guys feet lol
  6. How is United playing? I am hearing that they are really playing well
  7. Another great golazo by Broja
  8. Ruben always said that his best position is no. 8 and that is where he played his best football under Sarri
  9. I knew he was going to be a star after his first couple of matches that I watched him play as a blue. He got a lot of unnecessary criticism from the fans. Now, he is easily top 5 GK in the world.
  10. He only works in a back three because he lacks football IQ
  11. Very bad game from him again. Got also some criticism from German media now.
  12. You can't have a chance conversation rate of 100%.
  13. Shows how many goals he could score if we had any creative players at all.
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