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  1. Only matters if the next coach benches Pique and Lenglet, but somehow they survive all coaches lol
  2. Especially considering the fact that we have Zouma in our team that is probably the best player in the world when it comes to scoring goals from set pieces like corner kicks or indirect free kicks.
  3. I agree. I would even go as far saying that Xavi is the best midfielder I have seen with my own eyes ever. Never seen more greatness in midfield
  4. He is a pretty good coach. Sad to see him leave Sassuolo
  5. Should be loaned out as well because he currently only gets minutes due to Kova being injured
  6. He needs more game time, otherwise he should leave
  7. I agree. He deserves it, especially if he also wins the euros.
  8. Yes, you need some football IQ, but I think it is his acceleration that makes him troublesome for defenders to deal with. When Werner starts sprinting, it is hard for defenders to deal with him. That is why defenders like to be close to him because they can either get the ball before him or speculate that he makes a bad first touch. If it is a through ball, it will be tough for them either way. Werner is one of the greatest ever Bundesliga players, if you just judge him by the stats. If werner was slower, I don't think he would be here at Chelsea. You can make good runs, but if you are a
  9. How do you define intelligence regarding Werner? Werner makes a lot of bad passes just like Willian used to do. Maybe you mean intelligent runs.
  10. He is the real deal. Hope he shut down the people that did not believe in him. World class GK
  11. That was his best performance ever apart from his horrible finishing skills lol
  12. Different players I would say.
  13. Was the best women football match I have ever seen. Amazing performance and I hope we beat Barcelona, who seem to be hard to beat
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