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  1. I would have more respect for our club if we went out of the competition and accept we did a mistake rather than just ignore everything and compete in the super league, while ruining English football. Sometimes you need to accept that you made a mistake and I respect accepting mistakes more than ignoring your made mistake. But we need Manchester City to come with us.
  2. Is that a coincidence that one of the best ever basketball players joins two weeks ago and now they announce a super league that has a similar system like the NBA?
  3. I would say probably Barcelona and Real Madrid. I guess Neymar is going back to Barcelona lol.
  4. But will probably be Real Madrid's competition. They will buy the best of the best players again.
  5. I would keep Ziyech in the starting eleven, so he can get more match fitness. He needs more game time and he scores quite regularly since couple of weeks
  6. Tammy not in the squad #JusticeforTammy
  7. Kane is so much better than Haaland and Lukaku
  8. Is this based on YouTube videos, or have you actually seen him couple of times play. I have seen him play three times and he played very good in two of those matches, while not performing against us. So, I can't really say if he is ready for Chelsea and what type of player he is
  9. Two English clubs reached CL semi finals, while non German club reached it. Furthermore, three English club reached round of 16 in EL, while all German clubs failed reaching round of 16. Why is that the case? Maybe because Bundesliga has just not enough quality? I have warned you guys about Werner that he is not as good as people make him out to be. Almost all people here claimed that Werner is this insane world class striker that will destroy PL, but ironically the only people that warned TC about Werner's weaknesses were German people. I can say that Fulham and WBA would be top 1
  10. Do the rule makers of Uefa even play football? That rule would mean that I can lift my arm up high as high as I want and then head it to my hand and get away with it. Who comes up with those rules? Just like the new handball rule that apparently almost everything is handball, regardless if your arm is close to your body in a natural position or unnatural position like Can was (if for instance KDB shot and it hit Can's, hand like yesterday, it would be a, penalty even in the old rules, but also a pen in the new rule book) . All the analysis of the game by English experts(BT sports) I foun
  11. He does not offer much else when he does not score goals and he is clearly very dependent on his teammates giving him good passes. He is currently nowhere near Mbappe level because even when Mbappe does not score, he is always involved in the game and always dribbles past players or makes good passes to his teammates. Haaland is basically a white Drogba, who reached his prime earlier, but even prime Drogba at 32 years old offered more than just goals. His hold up play was much more solid and elegant, while Haaland has a good hold up play, but it is still very raw. Drogba's link up play w
  12. For me, it was an obvious penalty. You learn as a kid that you should always let your arm close to your body, when you are defending in your box. Especially nowadays that almost every incident is awarded a penalty, regardless where your arm is positioned, this Can incident should even be more awarded a penalty. I would say that the Bellingham situation was BS in the first leg, but I would be furious if Chelsea did not get a penalty for the Can incident. Can is just stupid for putting his arm in that position
  13. I think Ederson should have saved that. He conceded a typical Kepa goal
  14. Vinicius is deadly. His pace and dribbling skills are high level. He may not score many goals, but Neymar does not score either in big games, but still causes trouble.
  15. He is our only creative player in the startinf eleven. Was missed badly
  16. Question is what does he offer when he does not score. Today, Kai played false 9 and was really good apart from couple of his failed shots. He was everywhere. Haaland is a tap in machine and we will see how good his hold up play in PL will be. But he is nowhere near Lewandowski and Kane level currently, who even when they do not score goals, they are completely world class
  17. We play so much better without Werner
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