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  1. I guess the myth for overrated english "stars" like Rice, Philips and etc is gonna end tonight.
  2. Thats why TT is coach, to find a solution
  3. I think from new season we will play with new system, but for it TT need proper players...
  4. I cant believe theres people still moaning for FL sacking.. And we are 3rd and on 2 finals!
  5. Better we give 1 more season to Timo and then if he flops we look for starting CF. At the moment top strikers are few and only possible one is Lukaku, who doesnt suite TTs model of dootball.
  6. Zyech is pure shit again..
  7. One thing is clear - we need midfielder, because Kante-Jorjinho duo isnt working at all.
  8. With that game i cant see how we will beat Real
  9. This midfield isnt working at all..
  10. Theres info that we are going for Gravenberch
  11. With the years he regressed but in his prime years he was a world class MF lol.. Have you watched him in Bayern and first years in Real, he was doing everything and to compare Jorjinho with prime Kroos is hilarious lol..
  12. We need someone like Toni Kroos in his prime years. Haverts and Werner all the time are doing runs behind the defence but no one can see it, or cant pass it.. Our long passes are meh, and i rly think we need upgrade on Jorjinho who can only do 2 things - short pass and showing something with his hands like its others fault.. Theres info about some MF from Ajax - Gravenberch...
  13. Lampard playstyle is simple - 3 ppl in triangle on wings and endless crosses.. No play in the middle. Havertz and Mount dont have 1 pass between them
  14. We are turning into complete english team... Only crosses and what happen..
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