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  1. I just dont know why Mount still plays
  2. Players should proove on the field that they deserve to be on the stafting 11. Not with interviews on media or complaining. Tuchel said that Mount has beed unhappy from that he didnt started with City.. So we see again players power vs coach?? Something similar is happening in United too.
  3. Havertz should have played No10. Not invisible Mount, who even lost his man at their goal.
  4. We have halve team which pace is like turtle..
  5. Are we watching again players vs coach??
  6. The 2 english " hot prospects" are ininvisible
  7. If Pulisic played on his natural position last match i am sure he would have contributed more than Cho and Mount together..
  8. Hes turning into Jack Wilshere V2.0
  9. I think that teams have found out that system and its not working anymore
  10. I dont like that slow football we are playing..
  11. If we want to play that system 343 we need better lwb, fast with good ball controll. Otherwise TT should go to his favourite 433
  12. Thats why TT is coach, to find a solution
  13. I think from new season we will play with new system, but for it TT need proper players...
  14. I cant believe theres people still moaning for FL sacking.. And we are 3rd and on 2 finals!
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