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  1. Lol the more i read the more i think american ppl dont understand that thing called football! Just compare Tuchel with Ragnik and you will see the difference. For back 4 he needs to have the right CBs..
  2. I think we strugle due to limited CMs we have.. Beside Kovacic no one can move ball further or pass opponents in tight passes. No one can make that hidden pass through the defence in some line and get us advantage forward. No one can shoot outside the box which is problem.. Teams know we cant shoot outside box and they pack comfortably inside it. Example - just look Kantes shot last night.. Even kid can make dangerous shot. A midfielder like Thiago will suit us perfectly to pass the ball in right direction in right time.
  3. Without Kovacic we are awfull in midfield..
  4. Anthony from Ajax looks promising too.. And wont cost much
  5. What happened to Kante lel.. Chalobah is awfull, we need better CB there.
  6. So far there is only one bid right?? Rest is rumours and interest.
  7. So if the bid from Saudia Media Group is real, it cant be restricted by government.
  8. First Chelsea is an private football club, not national so i dont see what job Government have in our club?? Isnt this stealing?? And since when Government can decide what route one football club to take..
  9. First Abramovich was the problem, now Government will decide the future of Chelsea?? Wtf is this crap? If club is for sale and that bid from Saudi Media is real i dont see whats the problem. If Government doesnt allow that i hope a mislead russian rocket visit that sh*t building..
  10. Ok where are UEFA and FIFA how could Government privatize a club and do such things= destroying it? Where are Chelsea lawers??
  11. That Government wil destroy the most succesfull english team in the past 15 years.. Where are the London fans and protests??
  12. Show me a club which isnt finances with tainted money and you call him world top club, which is in top 20 in Europe.
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