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  1. Found out? I can’t see it. At his age, where he was before also, he is certainly far too good to get found out. And even then bar the fact he maybe isn’t as physical as a van Dijk or a Dias, he’s every bit as good as most top top CBs these days and still in the top however many. Can do basically everything and he has pace that Maguire doesn’t so in all likelihood its a potentially very good partnership for United. I think its also a big mistake from us not making a serious move for that price. He’s probably better than most or dare I say it, all options out there in that price range at pr
  2. Wouldn’t even swap Zouma for Kounde straight up yet alone doing a deal for Kounde that is cash + Zouma personally. I mean Kounde is good currently, young, with huge potential but he still has to get to that next level consistently. He had one really outstanding game v Barcelona which made everyone notice him more but you would think he did that week in week out when the truth is, he didn’t. He didn’t play much better than Rudiger or Christensen did under Tuchel for instance either really. The worst of it is Varane for £41m is an absolute steal and those cunts United are the ones maki
  3. If he was a reliable goalscorer, assister or chance creater I would agree but he is neither of the three bar one half season with Sarri really. I mean how can he be an effective super sub if he doesnt contribute goals, assists or key passes regularly?
  4. Lewis Baker playing CB in a back 3 with Sarr and Sterling or?
  5. Aye perhaps but still I think we need to see what Tuchel does this season tactically because a managerial change always provide that bounce run of results 9 times out of 10 although his impact was clear, changing the system, getting a real balance and ultimately a much more effective way of playing. I think as well when we compare this next season when its finished to the 6 months from last season also it will give us a good indication of how good he really is. My only concern with him and it’s something he spoke about himself I think, is that he maybe sometimes gets the inclination
  6. Aye would think so. If Lamptey doesn’t go though means he will probably be their back up RB. Which he could have just stayed and gone on loan perhaps.
  7. Seen a handful of games this season. As I have of Camavinga. Wouldnt say theres a great deal between them. Camavinga maybe struggled compared to last season but wouldn’t say that theres anyway one is much better than the other, even if they are slightly different players.
  8. Not sure how you can say that. I mean I doubt anyone watched Tchoumeni at Bordeaux here (unless we have some hidden Bordeaux supporting users) and really, he only played 3 games the season before last for Monaco. Lot of talk of him being a good player but Bakayoko was very much the same and flopped horrifically after one standout season. Do agree Camavinga is a bit overhyped and he had a poor year last season but, at the same time, Tchoumeni is probably getting similar plaudits and links that Camavinga got the season before last where he was very impressive for Rennes. Would sa
  9. I think we would have seen him under Frank is he was ‘that good’ but again who knows. Not doubting he has potential but whilst Leeds may not be the worst move, its hardly outstanding either as theres no given he will play much more there than here really. Don’t think he will play regularly there this season at least anyway, although if he does fair enough. Livramento going to Brighton when Lamptey is there, is 100% a stupid move though. If he wants to play, going to a team who have another young RB - who had to leave us in the first place at to get first team football and is only 20 year
  10. Was always a calculated risk bringing him in (apparently was someone Conte did want too). Have to get rid now. Even for what we paid for him. Or less.
  11. 10m for someone who hasnt played a first team game? And his contract is running down no? No chance.
  12. What about the others who also played the FA cup final this season, last season or the UEFA Super Cup etc? Or the rest of the Derby team who lost the playoff final also when he was there? Or the rest of the England team who lost the Euros final? You calling them all not capable of being part of trophy winning teams too? Or are you just going after our player of the year for the sakes of being controversial or edgy over a forum which I think the Mount critics are more than anything now because even when he was playing well last season, it was still reoccurring. Same with Jorginho. Its kind
  13. I think people forget the role she played in confirming what was going on at Madrid though and further undermining her husband/partners position when he was already seemingly well out of favour too under Mourinho though. It was no surprise when Casillas was out of the team under Jose, she confirmed the discord between the Portuguese and various senior players such as Ramos, Ronaldo, Pepe, and Casillas, claiming it was an “open secret” that the players and manager didn’t get on (when only one other outlet had ran a similar story) to a Mexican TV show called La Jugada. Theres no smoke
  14. AC Milan and Atletico have already bid for him. Spurs and Juve also rumoured to be looking to make moves soon also so Vlahovic will in all likelihood be off the market well before then. Lots of talk he wants to play for Juventus more than anyone else out of teams linked. Price set at £51 m if you believe sources as well which I think for teams outside of Italy maybe is a bit of a issue because he’s only had the one real good season there, probably similarly to why we maybe didnt stump up/push as hard for Pastore and Dybala in years gone by also due to the fact they’d only had the one real
  15. Hope they cough up at least 30m then. Doubt we will get 40m but 30m minimum is a must. If it goes through then it would certainly indicate we will be buying a CF then. Giroud’s basically almost out the door too. Doubtful we will get Haaland because of the talk of €175m so who is it going to be? Kane? Lukaku? Someone else? Or are we going to go through another season with Havertz, Werner and then include Broja (be better going on loan again I think) our CF/striking options and strengthen elsewhere?
  16. Chances are though, if it went past the first 5 they’d have had to taken one anyway so either way if they weren’t strong penalty takers or couldn’t deal with the pressure, why did he put them on in the first place? He said they were strong in training so obviously why he picked them. Cant fault him for that if they were the stronger takers. And again, they weren’t necessarily bad penalties. Just unfortunate they were up against a very good GK in Donnarumma who has an alright record in saving penalties, saving 14 already in his career at senior level excluding penalty shootouts. Its defin
  17. Tbf he probably did better than Foden did at least… next Gazza my arse. Did nothing. Mount was quiet all tournament but again, other than Sterling, not as if Englands attackers were exactly great or consistent. Kane had 2 games where he was good. Saka one game. Grealish one real impact off the bench despite the constant ranting and raving about him. Sancho, the 80m benchwarmer. And its not that England were the most expansive or progressive team or that their 2 holding midfielders didn’t play sideways as opposed to through the lines into the front players as oft
  18. I do think putting Rashford and Sancho (think they came on together) on 1 or 2 mins before was incredibly stupid though they probably didn't touch the ball before their pens. Rashfords was still only a ball hair away though and I think Donnarumma deserves some credit because they weren’t necessarily bad penalties from Saka or Sancho either that he saved. Its not as if they ballooned them over the bar or put them a ft wide of the post. Even Jorginho missed when he could have won it for Italy. A game after scoring the winner v Spain in the shootout in the semi’s. Unfortunately, such a big g
  19. Tbf is this genuine or is this the media now just turning the screws a bit and trying to point fingers as if to say Southgate shouldn’t of picked whoever he did to take the penalties? Just seems typical the media need someone to blame. He’s already accepted the responsibility. I mean penalties are penalties. Someone misses eventually. Someone wins. I would probably be more concerned with how when Italy made their changes in the second half and they started putting the pressure on how England’s players shrunk out of the occasion bar a few. No real mention of Kane and Sterling though not s
  20. How many times was he offside last night? I mean I swear, Italy would get into some half decent positions pass to him and he was offside.
  21. Is that real? For someone who’s probably got a big spanking couple of hundred thousand pound education you’d think they’d teach him how to write a sentence properly. “… whose energy and tenacity and teamwork - and sheer flair - ” Jesus, clearly he has never come across a comma in his life funny though did anyone else read the letter in his voice or just me?
  22. As a Scotsman, what a night. Please don’t take it the wrong way. Firstly I never thought I would see England in a major competition final so to see them lose one, on penalties… well its mental. Feel a bit sorry for the England fans a bit also because it probably quite a surreal journey in a same way it was for us getting to the Euros also but think Southgate’s definitely only able to take that team to where it is now. There has got to be a way to get more offensive players in there and players who have more composure in midfield particularly. Rice and Phillips began to crumble under
  23. Was a lot better second half when Mancini switched Insigne into a more central role though. But all of them were. Unfortunate with his penalty but should have stuck it same side he did v Spain.
  24. Di Lorenzo and Emerson is maybe the worst fullback duo to have made a international tournament final. Ever.
  25. Italy have been shocking so far. Absolutely pathetic.
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