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  1. Hes on about 300k a week. No chance it happens. I am sure he is highest paid defender, signed on a £14.5m base salary, rising to £21.7m with bonuses.
  2. This is true. Regarding who may miss/may have missed if only 23, may have been Turnbull (a creative number 8/10), Nathan Patterson (a RB) and then Billy for sure. Although Turnbull would be the most likely to go out of any of the uncapped players by a country mile and somehow didn’t get in the last NT call ups which didnt go down well. But theres still also more senior players who weren’t in the last squad, Forrest, Griffiths, Cooper, so it wouldnt even be a guarantee he takes any of them. I think our biggest concern with our squad is a lack of goals/creativity. Which is why I think
  3. Hes a 50m player we have to start treating him like one unfortunately which I think at times people are forgetting. I tend to remember the slagging off Morata and Abraham used to get for being offside a lot on here. Morata still gets it from Juventus fans too and deservedly so because he has scored like 13 offside goals this season. Should we not be holding these sort of similar players to the same standards no? Instead of being impartial and ignoring it for one guy after others would be chastising others for the same? The Spurs one though the point is, he’s still well positioned to look
  4. And that was you shouting he was a more offensive manager than Tuchel a few weeks back due picking more attacking players.... Doesn’t guarantee anything. Particularly if their too top heavy with players who don’t put the work in on the other side.
  5. I suppose he will get more minutes definitely now with the next few weeks so he has a chance to make a late push. Re Walcott was that not more due to a lack of pace out of the other options? I am sure that was what Sven has said about it. For us our midfield is probably our strongest area right now as mentioned in another post to Jason at some point last week. I did notice Kenny McLean may be out of Euros now due to an injury he got for Norwich so it opens the door for one of Billy or Ryan Gauld perhaps, but perhaps again they’d be more there as backups as the majority of the regul
  6. Its a bit of a mix maybe for some people but it has been reoccurring this season. Some of the ones v City and Madrid were painful though and thats why Ian Wright has maybe had his say. I suppose big games this late on in the season means more so maybe why it gets more attention also. There have been others undoubtedly of the same ilk due to a lack of awareness or laziness to not get onside. I do agree some teams play the offside system very well but some don’t, some just sit off us in a deep block. I get he was unlucky v Liverpool a while ago with one offside but theres got to be a point
  7. If he keeps playing regularly now I think so, or certainly hope, but probably has to play well in at least another 3 games for the full duration. He only has 309 minutes this season in CL and PL. If the season finished yesterday it would not be enough. Not sure how many cup games hes played but having not played over 1000 minutes in a combination of the league or CL against higher quality opposition probably doesn’t help.
  8. Cmon Jason its not just been v City. He has been offside a lot, 26 times this season, 4th highest in the league, only behind Mane, Watkins and Vardy. Some of them are sheer laziness not looking across the line. For his pace, he has to learn. As I remember this was the same criticism for Morata a lot here also.
  9. We have to beat this Arsenal team. Leno, Saka, Tierney, Gabriel, Partey, Smith-Rowe, Aubamayang (has been shite this season) are really their only really good players plus Martinelli is promising. They’ve struggled and have a soft mentality. Whilst they have other decent/reasonable players the likes of Chambers, Holding, Nkeitah, Elneny, Ceballos, Cedric, Pepe aren’t good enough or consistent enough, as neither are they as a group.
  10. It is lazy to be caught offside continuously when you have his speed tbf. As it was for Morata. He is improving against bigger teams though but the offside thing is frustrating as it cost us another goal v City as did Callum again afterwards also not seeing the line and adjusting his run with his pace. Particularly considering Dias and Laporte whilst arent slow aren’t exactly Usain Bolt.
  11. I would start him again against Arsenal tbf. If you can play how he did v City then he can certainly do it v Arsenal.
  12. Theres no confirmation re Ashley Young yet. It probably depends on Conte and what/if the club has new investors or owners or whatever. They have to reduce their operating costs by 15% apparently. Also on Kolarov, hes played like 7 games this season. He may as well not have signed him.
  13. Lets be honest. If it was a penalty, wasn't a penalty who cares. That City team needed a win to win the PL. Which nobody is talking about. They can say its a different game the CL final, which is true but surely confirming the title at home is as close to as big a game as they’re gonna have this season to a cup final no? Plus if Hudson Odoi and Werner were able to stay onside it probably would of been 4-1. Second half was almost Conte esque when we won 3-1 at the Etihad tbf, just turned it around and looked the only likely team to win. Plus they are saying it wont be the same City t
  14. Excellent performance after a difficult game v Fulham. Well in.
  15. What a turn around. If we play like we did 2nd half in the CL final we win. Simple as.
  16. Christensen cost us that goal. No need to initiate first contact or just head it out for a throw or even concede the corner. Yes he hurt himself but still, made a mistake.
  17. Mo Salah? Maybe my username will be more appropriate if it happens..... unlikely though. Cant see it.
  18. Seen something that he is considering a 442 of sorts and hasn’t ruled out 433 or 4231 also. But I do agree re dont fix what isn’t broken, this 343, I still think we are probably much better playing it and much much closer to competing for trophies with it as opposed to going to a back 4 with whatever in front of it and in attack. It just suits the squad more. I think 3/4 quality additions in a few areas the summer with this squad already as well - as young guys like Mount, James, Hudson-Odoi, Havertz, Pulisic, being another season better off, guys like Christensen, Werner (if he isnt
  19. This is true. Last season I felt he put an identity on Arsenal though, they played 4 at the back but it went to a 3 with the ball with Tierney sort of tucking in more like a left sided CB than Pushing on as a wing back. They weren’t breathtaking or had obvious quality but could play more direct if they wanted to with Aubamayengs pace and his tendency to drift out wide or play a bit more patient and shorter despite not having a huge deal of creativity in midfield. They had intensity and a structure that made them difficult to play against. I think now though he is on the way out. He
  20. Ive never seen a team chasing a goal to flip a tie give away so many stupid fouls than Arsenal. Araenal have stagnated after last season. Arteta went from someone who put his stamp on a team and got results to looking like one of the worst managers in the PL in 12 months. Wow.
  21. Haha maybe. I just felt Liverpool would have more intensity and could deal with our energy more than Real would. I suppose those 2 legs though against most teams would be more than enough.
  22. If its true they want to sell him after 2 seasons well that escalated quickly.... The grass is never greener, as some might have warned before selling him (I am sure there was a handful who said it that going to Madrid whilst maybe he deserved it, it was dangerous) but even now personally I think this squad has the right characters and players to keep building around with the addition of a CF, a CM and CB instead of making unnecessary buys. Would go and say that he is close to being basically finished by what I have seen in the last 18 months - although writing someone of his tale
  23. Defensively carried? I would have to disagree. I think Jorginho more than held his own out there defensively also tonight. Otherwise the whole team performance wouldnt have been so strong as particularly second half we really kicked it up a notch, you need both CMs to do the dirty stuff. Kante maybe looked like he was getting more in peoples faces but Jorginho was booked on the 14th minute (his only foul all game IIRC) so whilat walking a potential tightrope, to still have made the game high amount of 6 interceptions and 2 tackles which was more than Kante’s 5 inteceptions and 1 tackle, s
  24. We debating it prior to the game after Fulham regarding would he go with Kai or Werner but he played both from the start and ultimately, if we had put the ball in the net for the second goal or for a potential third goal or maybe even a fourth goal much earlier when we had the chances, people would of been praising the selection. Plus I think the effect Pulisic had from the bench was helped by Madrid being a bit weathered, he was fresh legs, they’d just spent however long chasing Werner running in behind him. So either way if it was Pulisic or Werner coming in I think they’d of both had t
  25. Got the booking and maybe first half there were wee moments but thought majority of his game was a top performance. Kante gets a lot of the credit tonight but don’t forget that Jorginho played very well tonight, got a game high 6 interceptions, won 2 tackles, made 1 clearance. Also played 4 long balls whicu all 4 were accurate and 1 through ball which again was accurate through balls on top of his usual assured and good use of possession rarely misplacing passes. Was booked for how ever long also. He showed real discipline and also leadership throughout.
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