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  1. It will be an incredible shame for Liverpool and City if we win the title this year, playing the way we have. The positive for us is that next season we will have strikers. I really hope we start playing good football next season. This season has been largely dull.
  2. We have been stockpiling the top players for a few years now, apart from a striker. If we still dont have the players, after spending another 100 million or so this season, and about similar amounts the season before, then we are in trouble!
  3. We have now failed to score in 4 HOURS of away football in the Premier League
  4. People arent moaning even though we have created 3 chances in 45 minutes, its becuase it is only 3 chances while playing against 10 men for 30 minutes, and still being static in play rather than showing some drive. We SHOULD eventually get our goal, but nothing is certain. Even if we do, then we're just getting 3 points, and not feeling any better for it. We must do better while the game is in play.
  5. Ramires is useless in most matches, not just this type of match
  6. Swansea playing better football than us WITH 10 MEN. We need to play good football, not just compact football " we are compact at the back, everyone has defensive resposibilities, and we dont concede' type of football. I really hope for all the money we spend, we actually coach our players in attack transition and pace. This is Uninspiring to say the least.
  7. We might win the title, but we need to play much better,faster and exciting football for us to really become a team which is enjoyable to watch. We are good at grinding out results for a while now, except that one kalouda season where we scored 103 goals. Watching liverpool play really gets me jealous, and deep inside, i know that i would give anything for chelsea to start playing good football again.
  8. I honestly feel that David Luiz must be a part of Chelsea's DNA in the future, while on the other hand, another brazilian, Ramires, while he has done so much for us, should be the one we let go. Neither of them are our first choice pivots, and that being so, i would rather have luiz rather than ramires if i had to choose between them.
  9. Selling Luiz will be a huge mistake and quite a joke for us really. He is fantastic in Midfield on most occasions, and has never really faltered in big games throughout the season. We have only lost like 5-6 games all season, and he does slot in with matic really well when tasked with that responsibility. On top of that, he is such a multi dimensional player, can fill in when needed in Defence, spread the game well, move it forward, and the odd free kick, tackling and bullying. On top of that, he oozes passion and PLAYS FOR THE SHIRT. If we fill our team with technical players and sell the one
  10. No words for all 3 players involved in the third goal....WTF .
  11. This season has been a Success in certain areas, while being a failure as well.... Defensive Play - Success Our team works as a unit defensively now, and breaking us down, and getting through on goal is not as easy as it had become at times in the past few seasons. Offensive Play - Failure (subjective) IMO, our offensive performances over the season have not been great, apart from a few great performances. The results have largely been down to individual performances. Yes, we dont have a striker, and that sucks, but we dont have pace in our game , the way other teams like liverpool and city do
  12. too slow , no creativity or pace. torres is rubbish, age is showing now with Lamps. Looking forward to the summer transfer window, the completion of our team for next season.
  13. looks like everton will make top 4 instead of arsenal..... They are 6 points behind arsenal with a game in hand. Next game against Fulham while city will beat arsenal. 3 point gap still with a game in hand. Next game vs arsenal. If Everton win, they go ahead of arsenal, still with a game in hand, so technically even if they draw at home against arsenal and win their game in hand which is the game after this one, they will get ahead of arsenal on goal difference. From then on, similar fixtures for both....
  14. Really enjoyed the fact that Salah First celebrated with his team mates, and then followed up with the tributes to god. Not too fond of it when done the other way around.... Fantastic win. Different than some others, but certainly the most memorable of this season.
  15. Chelsea has become a great team defensively. That is the mentality that wins games, or saves a point when it could have been none. Results are great, but there is no fun/excitement in results, only satisfaction. Glory is achieved by points, not performances, so stop calling people glory hunters or to "support" other clubs. If a supporter wants performances, they are actually less of a glory hunter than the person who only cares about the points. If Chelsea Performed rubbish yesterday, then so be it. take it on the chin. We got a favourable result, feel secure about it. A Striker can change eve
  16. 100 million spent. A 100 million. Avb Levy and Baldini should be ashamed of themselves A club like Tottenham only gets 1 chance to spend such big money in a lifetime, and they somehow manage to make a great footballing side into a miserable excuse of a team. I still cant get my head around what on earth they were trying to do spending such money on players that wouldnt get into a stoke side. Quite pathetic really.
  17. We were simply too slow. That is the only reason we could not win. Oscar needs to remember what made him so good.... that closing down , chasing opponents and making hard tackles.... hasnt been doing that of late. Ramires in general is one of those hit and miss players as apart from pace, there is ZERO technique. It was a bad day at the office for us and there are no excuses, but it is a good wake up call for ALL the players. The title does not come because of 1 or 2 good performances.... If your level as a collective lowers and that hunger is missing, if you turn up expecting to win.... BOOM.
  18. i think yellow cards get reset on new years so no way he could have got 6 since then......
  19. glad the prison is done with.... imo that was what took away alot of the adventure and excitement from the show, even though the woodbury season was quite good.... Now there needs to be more development in the show. It will be nice if they move it into a city as that would bring alot of new dimensions and suspense to the show, instead of the usual, OH Theres a walker/ many walkers walking through a field, lets kill them. Or a Cough EPIDEMIC!! LOL!
  20. Bottom Line is that our players need to get their shit together. Jose Mourinho needs to get his shit together. Mourinho needs to make us play better football, in general over a longer stretch. ATM we play one good match every 5 games or so, 2 really bad games, and 2 passable performances out of 5. This falls down on everybody, players, coaches, manager. There seems to be something wrong with our team setup and dynamics, wherein we have many players for most positions, but almost none of the lineups are able to really gel together and be cohesive, other than the odd good performance. Is it our
  21. Glad to see many others realising what was our basic problem. Mata Oscar Hazard simply cannot play together. We are too slow and that takes everyone out of the game and never lets any momentum build.
  22. As i said before, all 22 of our the players involved over the last week have been brilliant. In no way am i suggesting those players be dropped. It would be an interesting tactic if it were to be done by Jose, which he obviously wont do. Secondly, the (good) problem with our team is that we have too many skilled players who are playing well , and you dont want to disrupt a winning 11. But then again, it is harsh to make the team against arsenal, who apart from 2 players were close to first team, go back into the 2nd team after such a performance. That was an idea, more than anything. Regarding
  23. Would love to see the same 11 that played vs arsenal start this game. That doesnt mean other players are being dropped, but instead will give all of these boys the chance to play the same unbelievably fast game with quality skill through and through. I still dont think The three amigos should play together as it slows down our game and doesnt bring out the best overall in terms of the team as a whole, especially with a high pressure energy approach which we have working for us now, with real wing play. Yesterdays performance, pressing, skills, speed all coming together was the happiest i have
  24. what a performance this is! we are playing some super fast exciting stuff here!! You can see everyone playing for their places, playing their hearts out. What a difference from seasons gone by!!
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