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  1. Its been a good season defensively, but a massive failure offensively. We have been able to create a system of counter attack that only works against the big teams, but falters so often against smaller sides. A striker not being WC must be mentioned, and that might change certain dynamics next season. We have become slower paced throughout the game, this season, which is a massive negative. Counter attacks rely on alot of things happening simultaneously, which makes this style wrong as a sole approach to a game. People should be saying we play really good football, and then saying that when we
  2. More coaching in attack as well for next season please!! It was important for us this season to get everyone to become defensively solid in terms of understanding their responsibilities when we lost the ball. That has been accomplished! I would hope that our ENTIRE game approach is not based on only counter attacks, as we do have some amazing footballing players. We can surely do both. This game had many errors of judgement from both manager and players, so we just have to move on. I only hope that we become a little more adventurous in our game, as this style of counter attacking only works a
  3. It was all about the Eto penalty. incredibly stupid tackle. From there it was all downhill
  4. We started off with Major attacking players under roman... Duff Robben drogba Joe cole lampard and co...that time we were hated for our money, Now its our football.
  5. We are hated because we accumulate quality players by buying expensively. then dont play sexy football. We havent brought through any players from our academies, since John Terry, even though we are one of the highest spending clubs in terms of our youth setup. The day we start playing positive football, the world will be singing praises for us, but till the time we play bland footy, neutrals have every right to hate us, and rightly so. Its not like we fans revel in this style, we too are waiting for that change towards sexy football. The fact is that we know it will come eventually, and wait
  6. Wasnt the most pretty game to watch. Nothing wrong in playing a defensive game away, since this is 2 legged CL football. What is disappointing though, is when watching the highlights of the game, we did not have even one attack. That is rubbish. Defensive game - tactics. That is acceptable, but not having a single proper attack the whole game in a CL Semi final is not something we can be proud of. Just Saying!
  7. Mourinho is surely going to play a 4-4-2 next season, or a 4-1-3-2. I think he has learnt that times have changed from his previous stint at Chelsea. The truth is that your midfield can only do their bit with goals, and that too only for a certain amount of time. Over the season they cant keep doing it. Having only one striker in the team also means that the other striker will not be top class, and is too much of a risk nowdays with injuries, suspensions etc., as the nature of the game has changed from before. Having two world class strikers in your team means one thing : GOALS! Even if one ge
  8. All we want is a better brand of football. Jose is experienced enough and a great manager. It is not that he can not play such football, but simply whether he will want to play that brand of exciting footy vs an efficient style. I hope its the former next season. Who said we cant win the league playing some sexy stuff?
  9. It doesn't matter if you don't agree. It doesn't change the deeper reality of the issue
  10. agree to disagree then. azpi pen was a ref blunder. Not ours IMO.
  11. "We were better and unlucky this whole season" I think we havent been great this whole season, but have mostly managed the wins, and points. I dont think we lost because we got unlucky today, even at 1-1 we didnt do enough to win it.
  12. Glorious opportunities missed - yes we had 2 penalties - not really. Those were mostly shouts in desperation rather than any proper foul being commited. Keep in mind Ramires should have been off early, so we got lucky
  13. That was well deserved. If Mourinho plans to play such football in todays day and age and expect to win titles, glad he is being proved wrong this season rather than next. He must start coaching players on how to play quick, entertaining, creative football. Being solid at the back and scoring 1 goal a game, sometimes 2 is not sexy, its quite embarrassing for a club which spent 100's of millions, bought the best talent around for attacking. and then telling them to be solid and compact. Congratulations Sunderland. no matter how tough it gets, no matter how inferior your players are, you are try
  14. I hope we see good football next season. Have been saying this all along, but most fans only care about 3 points nowdays. This will be the biggest test for Mourinho in the summer, and i fear if he buys costa, we arent changing our boring style much, just getting a guy who can finish and bag 3 points, without really playing entertaining football. Please prove me wrong. Im really tired of this seasons boring performances, bar a few good games. We hardly even counter attack anymore. Hazard used to make the games interesting to watch because he is positive and takes on players. The rest of them mo
  15. I think the chances of a draw vs Liverpool are 50% loss vs Liverpool are 30% Win vs Liverpool are 20% Certainly going to be a tough game. Dont think City will win the title regardless of this result though. The will drop atleast 2 points.
  16. wont courtois only have a year left on his contract if we loan him to atletico again next season. I remember there being some sort of ruling that if a player is not played by the parent club for a certain amount of time, certain amount of appearances, they can buy out their contract before its expiry. Not sure on that one, however. point being that if we loan him again, and he doesnt sign a contract extension, which is likely, we will lose out bigtime on his transfer fee. Unless, ofcourse we are selling him to atletico and getting costa.
  17. Oscar is a really intelligent player, no doubt. I really think at some time in his career he will become world class, but probably in the DP position, being the attacking element sitting along a Defensive DP like Matic. Then he can spread the game and control it, and score a few goals as well. The reason i make such an assumption is that i feel he isnt fast enough to be a world class offensive front midfielder. He is an intelligent player who sees a pass, and sees the move while it is beginning to make that final incisive pass. He can hustle and tackle. That all makes for a fantastic link up p
  18. Well i hope one day comes where we win the league, and do so proudly, playing attractive football. Southampton have similar aged players, so do Everton, and to some extent Liverpool. We have been transitioning for too long now, and we still play the same football, the only difference is that with Mourinho, we eek out wins.
  19. Liverpool deserve to win the title this season, but you dont always get what you deserve. We have had alot of those moments in the CL in the past few years, Barca, united come to mind. We need to appreciate them for what they have accomplished and respect them as title contenders from now on, favourites at this point of time. But if we can steal it then why not. We need to win it for Lampard, Ba, Cole and the rest who will be gone as a parting gift. Liverpool for Gerrard, and Brendan Rodgers. Should be quite a game. Hope we get our shit together before that game.
  20. dont know where we are going as a team. what is our attacking philosophy? I hope buying a striker is not the only thing we do in the summer. We must learn how to pick teams apart and have some panache, not these ugly 1-0 wins, today against 10 men Whatever. 3 points in the bag. Nothing more.
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