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  1. When no one on twitter is claiming their insider knowledge that pogba to chelsea might happen, surely there is no truth or even a rumor with a tinge of possibility here. Twitter folks are the first to start claiming all this ITK type of shit, and if none of them have the balls to even suggest this is happening, i kind of believe them.
  2. different type of players.... impossible to compare unless they are competing for the same position.
  3. Suarez missing his celebratory bite on gerrard
  4. So glad to hear this news! While Cech has been amazing for all his years with us, i think his upward curve in performance had ended and there was too much uncertainty in his movement last 2 years. He is still one of the best keepers around, but here we have a guy who will undoubtedly become/already is in contention for being the best keeper in the world. And we can have him for the next 10 years. Simply too good an opportunity to let go. Goalkeepers of this caliber don't come around too often and considering we spotted him 3 years back and watched him progress into the best keeper in spain and
  5. Dont know why 4-2-3-1 seems to be a sure shot formation for next season. Yes, we have played it for some time now, but with Jose's emphasis on defensive discipline for all players, i dont think this formation is set in stone. I would rather prefer a 4-1-4-1 for most games, and 4-2-3-1 only for away games at other big teams. 4-1-4-1 That being said, with Schurlle salah and the host of talent we have on the bench, i dont think there is any space for Kroos to get in, unless Oscar is sold, which i dont think is wise. He will come good with Fabregas and Costa added in the team. Too much quality wi
  6. He is an average player, and specially as 4th Choice for that position, we need to give one of our youth the chance. If they cant even be 4th choice, i.e. playing 3-4 games in a season, that too mostly cup games, then we have a problem.
  7. isnt 1.01 pretty much doing that itself? Obviously not set in stone, but its as closed to suspended as possible.
  8. Odds of 1.01 means it is no longer just dictated by a big bet now and then. It has to be insider information. Odds are simply too low for market bets to be a factor anymore. Its happening.
  9. Cech has been amazing for us during his time here, but last season, even though it was relatively good for him, i began to doubt him much more, as his mistakes seem to have increased, and his commanding attributes have faded. Everytime he came out of his goal to punch the ball or catch it, it was a scare for me atleast. Many times he came out a few footsteps, and decided to go back, and you knew that moment of indecisiveness meant that if the opponent managed to get a clean header ahead of our amazing defenders, there is a real chance they will score. This is in no way a summary of his season,
  10. Its @ Barelona Fake! Edit : Just saw the face!
  11. Not happening today. Surely We would have heard something from these Journalists. None of them have the balls to say there is going to be an announcement today, as it probably isnt. So much nonsense these guys speak, One person must have said tuesday, and all the rest of them jump on the Tuesday bandwagon.
  12. I cannot believe no one got suspended or banned after reading the last 3 pages. We read time and again from the mods regarding Thread Derailing, and that was 3 pages of Torres this Roman that, demba this eto that. That, followed by the cheapshots and bickering. I know we all are anxious and missing the PL, but guys lets please keep the Torres fighting in the Torres thread, and the Roman stuff in the Roman Abramovich thread. This is the Costa thread. I came here to read updates from "journalists" from twitter and their claims, but instead had to go through that.
  13. Massa is a fuckin fuck face. Rash piece of shit.
  14. Both our opinions when it comes to this topic are clearly on opposite ends of the spectrum. Everything i say always does have the other side of the coin argument and your opinions are right in their own way, however, i stand my opinion. Either way, we will know soon enough.
  15. The funny part in this mess is that the barca supporters want cesc out, and we feel he will be perfect for us because he is class. Some supporters want Lukaku out, meanwhile other interested clubs' supporters will be thinking he is perfect for them because he is a beast and has a fantastic scoring record. The truth being that no matter what the history and background of such situations, the player never really got a good chance due to a number of reasons at their respective clubs, and had to leave to achieve their personal goals. We cannot get a better second striker in todays market, there si
  16. So what if he had asked to leave this club? He is a young guy and is temperamental. Having signed Eto only a day before the Super cup , and him missing the penalty were factors. Not wanting to compete with 3 strikers was not a fair reason, but a childish one. However, another season has gone where he has performed. We should do everything to keep him here. The fact is that he will be a fantastic second striker for us to have next season. As i did state in my previous posts, that in the worst case scenario, where he is sold, then we must buy someone who is fantastic, and not have Torres as our
  17. This is Sturridge V 2 on this forum all over again. When sturridge was a bit outspoken and believed he should play striker, he got a similar reaction as Lukaku is getting here. He was sold, and now he is one half of europe's best strike force. Lukaku is in a similar situation, with other clubs recognising his worth, and teams all the way from CL Finalists atletico, to Italian Champions Juventus and probably a few more wanting him. But Chelsea? We are remaining tight lipped and dont seem to be keen. I really hope for our own sake that better judgement prevails by our board this time. We have al
  18. Everton hands down for me. You can liken this opportunity with that of gerard deleufo from Barca. He got just enough playing time to shine, and he is back at barca now. Thorgan will replace him perfectly.
  19. No problem with the idea, but its about where you would rate Lukaku. I would have Lukaku as our second choice over Mandzukic . Loaning him out and letting him develop further at another club after 2 years already on loan will either mean that we will lose him in the end or that he will demand coming back as the first choice, which for the next few years is going to be diego costa. What can be the harm in developing him here now that he has proven himself in the PL already?, that too as a second choice. We have the capability of developing players here, lets develop him into the finished articl
  20. Forget him being sold, the idea of a loan next season without a proper second striker at Chelsea is wrong
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