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  1. Unless we are buying one more striker, letting him go is the dumbest thing i feel we can do. Dont know how everyone, including Jose is forgetting last season, where you couldnt trust any of the 3. We need Lukaku to be second in Line after Costa. I really dont see Torres or Ba coming on in the 75th Minute when the scores are level and winning us the game. With Lukaku, its much more possible. These are rumors in any case, but if we go into the season with Costa Ba Torres, PL wont happen.
  2. 1 Goal per Million Please! Every Season!
  3. Doesnt mean anthing, but he took this selfie on their flight to brazil yesterday
  4. haha have loved the Game of Thrones GIFS and a few others as well, had some stupid laughs sitting alone hoping no one around thinks im a psycho..... Anyways, while everyone having different views on this forum is a positive, it is quite amusing when everytime we are linked with a player, the negatives for some take such a different level, its just nuts. People should just think of the bottomlines when it comes to speculation.... will this person improve us as a team? If yes, then think of the personal feelings. But you have to level out your subjective feelings with objectivity. Objectivity al
  5. Matic - Fabregas does indeed sound really good. I am generally not as passionate about certain thoughts that i had 5-6 years ago even if there was bad blood then. Simply rating Cesc on his ability and the likely partnership with a defensive minded player like matic, and it sets a good balance for that position, and the rest of the team setup as well. I am glad that as a second option to our defensive 2, we are going for an attacking intelligent option rather than a defensive option again. We need an attack minded player to be able to do smooth transitions, so either fabregas or a player with t
  6. and then people ask why england doesnt produce much talent.
  7. We should sign him, even if it is for 25 million. He is english, and he is a fantastic ball player as well as a defender. he CAN cross the ball really well. We need a player like him, as a successor to Ashley cole. 25 million for a 7-8 year stint is worth the money. He isnt even at his peak yet. And when he plays with the WC players we have, i can imagine him becoming that much better instantly.
  8. Glad QPR is back in the PL. It is the ONLY real derby we have, and the atmosphere is electric. Fulham for some reason is boring and slow, no passion atmosphere. They Hate us And we hate them. Lets have them back, and show them the door.
  9. IMO, England's entire world cup relies on their first game. Win it, and i think it will give them the confidence to go till atleast the semi's.... then anything can happen. Anything other than a win in their first game and they wont go longer than maybe the first knockout fixture . The players are all there.... Rooney Sturridge is a formidable attacking line up Henderson sterling Lallana will do the quick bits. Gerrard is gerrard so he will do his long ball stuff. Its actually a really good team, but the confidence must come from the first game, and build from there onwards. Anything but a win
  10. I get what you are saying about the Sturridge v 2 analogy, but the difference being that we got Lukaku for some 18(15?) million pounds a few years back, and he has had the chance to develop elsewhere last 2 years. At the moment, he is more than qualified to play in a 4-4-2, or as a second striker option behind costa or cavani. Thats the reason i say we should keep him. Even if we were to sell him, we would surely have to buy him back for a huge sum, much closer to a 30 million amount or so in 2 years time....maybe more if he becomes crazy good? Matic was a chelsea youth guy so he was for free
  11. he was jumping around and celebrating after their win, so hopefully its not as bad as it looked initially
  12. We bought Lukaku when he was young, thats the difference, we have developed him into a beast. Why not use what he has an give him the opportunity to play with better players and see if he can cross the 20 goal mark om a season? Another year on loan is possible, but considering if we buy Mandzukic, i doubt he will want to come back then even if his first touch improves. In any case, we differ on where we rate Lukaku. For me, if we were to lose Lukaku and be getting another Striker, then that should be in Falcao Cavani level.
  13. Id rather see Lukaku develop as a second option over buying mandzukic. No disrespect to anyone but this sort of new attitude of alot of our supporters saying : "oh xx million is a good price to sell" for any and every player. At even the slightest bit of transfer gossip, a price is put on that player, even the hazard thread had prices etc a few weeks ago, oscar as well. That is appalling and frankly, sounds like what you would hear from an arsenal supporter, which had been laughable the whole last decade. OK, so lets just say Luiz, even though i think he is fantastic, is going to be exchanged/
  14. Our Youth is just fantastic. Dont even know what to think. Lets give these guys more chances in our first team next season.
  15. Please lets make sure we DO NOT do a Matic V.2..... the only difference will be that we will be buying him back in 2 years time for 35 million, instead of simply DEVELOPING talent. Why cant we as a club simply do that? The problem with always trying to buy talent and develop them elsewhere by countless loans, is that most of the time, their loan club values them more than you in the end, and the player loses his connect with Chelsea, or simply develops to such an extent, where he is almost there as a player, but coming back to Chelsea would mean they would be sitting on the bench, and not 1st
  16. This time next year...... - Media talking about how important our transitionary season in 2013-14 was, for us to gain an identity again, which in turn allowed us to win a title so convincingly. - Mourinho losing the negative tag. - Free scoring team
  17. For all those saying that Costa couldnt score against cahill, so he is not that good: neither could suarez and sturridge or aguero, dzeko and negredo or for that matter, ibrahimovic and cavani. Not everything has a correlation. That probably only means cahill, and our defense has been that good. Costa has scored against Barcelona, Madrid, and almost every other team in Spain, and in Europe as well. He isnt the perfect striker, but he is a damn good goalscorer. We need a player like him in our team, along with someone like Lukaku who is brute force and finish.
  18. a few strides forward, a few strides backwards. Jose Mourinho finally has the time to sit back and have a good think about what the team needs to kick on, and of course, how he himself, as a manager needs to modify his style in certain areas. Glad this season is over. Lot of hope and expectation for next season. Looking forward to the WC now. Hopefully the world cup is a wake up call for oscar, who has had new lows from about the mid point of this season. Schurlle is an improved player, so can not ask more. Matic is already commanding, and has a good eye for a pass. He needs to build on his fo
  19. Norwich fought to make sure they got relegated, at SB. Dont know what their manager was thinking.
  20. dzeko would be a fantastic 3rd choice striker for us, Just as he is for city.
  21. The Norwich manager is a tactical genius!! What a fantastic gameplan to come away with a result! We deserved to win because we got a clean sheet. Our problem is not a striker. That is one thing i have learned after all this time this season. Yes it will be good to have a WC striker next season but that simply is not the problem, its our system, and coaching, gameplan. Hazard is correct. We are not set up to play football. If there is one thing Jose has got wrong since he came back , its this. When the opposition manager sets his team up tactically so well, we have no answers. Fantastic perform
  22. this is just sad really. players seem lost for ideas. we have become slower and slower as the season has progressed.
  23. The reason i put tactical in " " , was to say that there is nothing wrong with being tactically set up. But less buses next year. Thats all. The 12 points we got off City and Liverpool were to my liking, but the way we got them can be better, and we have done it many seasons ago with Jose and Carlo, and drogba. We can win convincingly again, and that is why i said i hope the new players complete the puzzle for Jose, and we can be set up to play a little more in some of these games, rather than bus it. Progression and deadwood sold will give us the chance to think differently next season. The o
  24. No buses next season. That is all i expect from Jose next season. Nothing wrong in being a little conservative in certain games, just no buses please. I do think he has figured out his squad by now. Lets just see whether he changes his approach to the game when he gets his players next season. Not winning a single trophy playing defensive football is the same as not winning a single trophy playing fantastic football. If we dont win a single trophy playing the way we did this season, and liverpool doesnt win a single trophy playing the way they did, it amounts to the same result. So lets win so
  25. Attacking fluid football. Quick fast paced football. No Buses. No "tactical" wins. Good footballing wins. Striker with 30 goals. Less talk of defensive group responsibility, and more adventure. Jose is good enough to make that possible too. He isnt a one trick pony. Counter attack becoming a part of our play, rather than the sole approach to a game. Lukaku being retained. Courtois No. 1 Choice. Cech kept as no, 2 or sold for good money. 2 Strikers upfront please! Lukaku Cavani No costa!! change in formation. We dont need 2 players sitting deep. Matic alone in that position! Change our image as
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