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  1. First team coach? Not manager? Does this mean he's not in charge of transfers?
  2. I think it's a good line up if you think about it. Our more solid displays of late have come from a mikel- matic Fabregas line up, and if Oscar can perform again with Costa and Willian then it's ideal and if we don't have to use hazard then great we don't want him to get injured again. keep positive guys ktbffh
  3. Why take off azpi, our most reliable defender, and but Kennedy at left back, who has been out most direct and threatening player to defend. Absolute shambles
  4. is it just me or does mata seem quicker?
  5. bertrand owns neymar in the game lmao
  6. Jao perreira (or however you spell it) would be the best choice for rb
  7. never seen him play before the euros but he has been immense for all 3 games, we need a right winger, would love to see him here
  8. ive never really seen him so i cant give an opinion but ive not heard anyone say hes anythin particularly special either is he really that good?
  9. please play bertrand!!! he has not had the chances he deserves but hes 22, he knows how big the game is and he ent gonna try n do a messi n be the hero, him n cole on the left would be great attaking and defending. but if not and whoever plays lets support RDM choices n shout chelsea all the way back to the bridge with the CL trophy!! KTBFFH
  10. i think a decent right back (azpilicueta-cant spell!) is more important than a striker atm
  11. anyone else kinda think of robben when you watch him??
  12. essien should be startin in this one imo
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