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  1. No one deserves to be subbed by torreshit
  2. I've got an interesting thought. Would it be possible for Cesc to occupy the #10 position and have Oscar move to a deeper #8 type role?
  3. I"m talking about the taxes on the release clause.....
  4. That is an incredibly dumb rule that FIFA shouldn't allow and i'm not sure why any elite players would want to play in that league of release clauses are unrealistic to meet.
  5. I would be all for Costa, lukaku and Schurrle playing as a third striker, or midfielder for us.
  6. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Champions League glory returns to Stamford Bridge in 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. You can right piss off with that comment. Why should I be banned for giving my opinion. This shit seems to happen every window with our club. We get linked with good strikers (cavani and falcao) for the entire summer window and they go to another club.
  8. We are not getting this striker.... Time to move on to a different target. Are there any other world class strikers we can get for 50 million?
  9. This is fucking ridiculous. We need to move on to other targets. Atletico Madrid is trying to jerk us around and probably won't sell unless we loan Courtois. Barcelona obviously isn't selling because they know we will beat their ass in champions league with Fabregas. I think our only option is Pogba for £70 and Mandzukic for £20. Thoughts?
  10. In starting to doubt that we are going to get Fabregas and Costa. Mandzukic and Ramires will be in our starting 11 next year. /facepalm
  11. That I was wrong in doubting him..... I don't take comments like these lightly.
  12. I hate to say this again, but Lukaku doesn't deserve to put on a Chelsea shirt ever again. He is trying to screw us over in the transfer market by publically stating he wants out. I'm not sure how many years are left in his contract, but we should loan him out to different shit clubs until his final year in the contract then sell him.
  13. Sorry I don't respond well to threats. I'm going to have to mute you before this goes any further.
  14. That post wasn't even remotely reckless. If you have a fucking problem you can pm me. Otherwise I don't give a toss what you have to say.
  15. It is pretty simple imo. We won't win shit next year if Ramires is in the starting 11 for a majority of the matches.
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