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  1. I'm sorry but this forum became unreadable with this Vespa girl literally spamming every thread... You really need to take it down a notch. No one wants to read these scouting reports of yours in each and every thread on the forum.
  2. Do you really have to ask? He is on a completely different level.
  3. Unbelievable it's 2018 and people still assess a footballing performance by possession stats...
  4. Actually if he played the whole 90 I believe we could have lost 4-1, I really do. They had enough chances in the first half hour with him on the pitch to make it 3-0, so I really believe we could.
  5. Mana definitely has a point. Maybe in hindsight I don't completely agree with that but yesterday I really didn't mind him getting that red card at that moment. Not just that he was useless (as always) in our build up play, he really sabotaged our game by gifting them clear chances. It's noticeable that the players don't pass him and ignore him on purpose when we attack, it's clear that he steps on Kante's toes when we defend. He spreads fear and insecurity throughout our back line and I really can't point out one good quality of his game. Wishing him to get a red card was not completely correc
  6. This is not called "throwing light" on something. Throwing light is giving a professional and coherent interpretation of a players' attributes based on your opinion after you actually watched him play football. And yes, a full season as a starter for Roma is quite enough to obtain an opinion about a player. Clearly you never saw him in action so I'll just say - sometimes silence is golden. I haven't seen him play but after some intelligence work around Roma forums, they seem to be upset to lose him for such low price and they also say he is a very good prospect. Some even say he has worl
  7. What are you even talking about? Alonso is a very good footballer, he was amazing for us last year and continues to provide the goods this term, even, if rightly so, he is a little bit burned out. The man is working his socks off every single game for the last year and can't even get the sheer acknowledgment for that from our fans. I have no idea what are your expactations from a left wing back but all in all I can assure you there are not many better than this guy. I am really not sure if your beloved Alex Sandro is better than him this season. Anyway, you don't need a world class player
  8. Hope he does take 9 and restore its pride! The shirt that the king of Stamford Bridge wore is in no way cursed...
  9. How can you block him? Been looking for this option for months!
  10. I mean really, who the fuck is this clown?! This is why I hate the transfer period, every smartass is shining and gets recognition...
  11. Are people really annoyed we couldn't get freakin Lukaku for 100 million pounds? You could mistake him for prime Ronaldo with the things I'm reading here... Embarrassment for the club? Get a grip. This could be a blessing in disguise.
  12. Not the right arguement... There is a reason though why the great Manolas was only pursued by the mighty Zenit and Rudiger was on Chelsea radar for some years now.
  13. I can put my house on the fact that all of who say he is shit, haven't watched a full single game in which he featured for Roma. Come forward the one fan who can sincerely say he knows him and thinks he is bad. For as far as I know, every Roma fan who actually watched him, says it's great business by us and that he is a very good (though injury prone) defender. Check here what they think of him: http://www.bigsoccer.com/threads/monchi-business.2039275/page-93 Anyway, I know it's a bit disappointing given the fact we were linked to giants such as Bonucci and VVD, but I also think that
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