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  1. Cahill - Luiz are probably the worst CB duo that I have seen in my entire life.
  2. Getting rid of clown Luiz was one of the best decisions Einstein Mourinho ever made
  3. Exciting times ahead.
  4. Great game, Simeone is fantastic and I would kill to have him + Griezmann here. Might as well bring this Torres while we're at it.
  5. Bad performance, can't see us going through.
  6. Allegri sounds pretty fantastic, get him here already.
  7. I don't care about any of this and I hope it ends asap because it's really rustling my jimmies
  8. Nice win but let's not start with the circle jerk quite yet.
  9. For the sake of the club's identity, I hope Guardiola.
  10. I'm one of Mourinho's biggest admirers, but there's no way I'll accept a home defeat to Bournemouth. Time for a change.
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