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  1. Christensen has been brilliant again
  2. Time for Havertz/Werner and Jorginho/Gilmour. Kante and Ziyech off
  3. I bet Ole was planning on exploiting Alonslow. Good thinking from Tuchel
  4. Might as well try Havertz as false 9 or something. I'm sick of seeing Werner dropping deep at times, he's just useless at that (just like he's useless as a winger)
  5. Kante and Kovacic both putting legit 0/10 performances out there
  6. Some were saying Lampard was just reaping the benefits of Sarri's work for first few months. Looks like that was actually true
  7. Marina is asking Ziyech to give her Ten Hag's phone number
  8. I'm not worried for Chelsea F.C because we've got such a good, young and well-balanced squad. I can't think of a modern manager who couldn't play good, winning football with this team. From Pep, Klopp, Sarri to Mourinho and Allegri, all of them could take this group of players and make it their own team. I am worried for Frank Lampard though. Looks like his time here is coming to an end. Only question is who's gonna replace him.
  9. All our new signings are fucking brilliant
  10. Zouma is just awkward as fuck on the ball
  11. There was the ball from Ziyech. Chilwell didnt quite catch it
  12. Damn whats going on with Pulisic again. If he needs to take longer time away and have a surgery or something, do it then. We need him for next 8 years
  13. Kinda wanted to see Giroud instead of Abraham but overall it's an excellent lineup. Many have hoped for that midfield so let's see how it works against a low block
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