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  1. Btw Jorginho has been absolutely flawless, once again.
  2. Off the ball movement from the wingbacks has become so important for us that we should really consider playing Hudson-Odoi or Pulisic as LWB.
  3. Alonso is our only player that is playing on United's level right now. Everyone else is way better
  4. Big balls to execute the final penalty like that. Best player of the tournament
  5. Sounds like Mbappe is worried for his place. Benzema back, Griezmann ended the season in form, Giroud always playing well for France NT. The Golden Boy might end up on the bench
  6. Maybe Norwich would be a good choice for him. They play some decent football but they just really need players of higher calibre in order to execute their game plan in the Premier League as well (or else it's gonna end up in a disaster like their last time in the PL).
  7. You know what they say, breathing the air in big Chinese cities is like smoking three packs of cigarettes a day
  8. Werner-Havertz-Mount Chilwell-Jorginho-Kante-James Rudiger-Silva-Azpi Mendy
  9. I think he will and I think it will be our advantage. Usually when Pep starts to tinker with his team for a big game it all falls apart
  10. We looked unbeatable tongiht. How the fuck do you beat this team anyway when you have Kante and Thiago Silva in top form
  11. APART from finishing we've been absolutely flawless in this whole tie. Everyone, apart from strikers, is having a masterclass. Kante and Jorginho in particular
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