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  1. I think he will and I think it will be our advantage. Usually when Pep starts to tinker with his team for a big game it all falls apart
  2. We looked unbeatable tongiht. How the fuck do you beat this team anyway when you have Kante and Thiago Silva in top form
  3. APART from finishing we've been absolutely flawless in this whole tie. Everyone, apart from strikers, is having a masterclass. Kante and Jorginho in particular
  4. Absolute perfection how he setup us yesterday.
  5. Werner is nowhere near good enough player to play at CL semi-finals. Harsh reality
  6. Azpi offers absolutely nothing in that position. We might as well be playing Caballero as rwb
  7. Tbh that was some poor defending. If we conceded that I'd be furious. But goal is a goal! Get in there Timo
  8. It's not the system, it's the players in this lineup. Chilwell and Azpi as wingbacks is faaaar too defensive.
  9. Azpi as wingback will kill our attack
  10. I have no idea what's going on in this game. Looks like the score is 0-0
  11. Try explaining this to Yanks who are used to getting rewarded with a draft pick if their team finishes last
  12. I'd fucking love us to be the first to pull out from this nightmare. Sure we will still be ridiculed but who cares. Pull out and apologize
  13. It can be reformed again. They might have agreed to it but it can still be changed. 2024 is still long away ahead
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