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  1. Just got back from Barcelona. It was f*cking brilliant! Best european away I did this year! (only missed Valencia) Still get tears in my eyes when I think about Torres' decider, we all went mental in there. Never seen a stadium get empty that quick! I really hope I get a ticket for the final...
  2. I'm definitely not over confident :-) Just saying, yesterday Messi didn't play like he used to play no? Surely there will be a battle at Nou Camp, but it's better going there with a 1-0 win than a 0-1 loss. It stays very difficult to reach the final.
  3. Where was Messi??? Only saw him when he lost the ball and we scored hahahahaha Got the tickets for the return, I'm ready for it! Let's go Chels!
  4. Will be there at the Bridge and at Camp Nou. We only have a small chance going through, but we have to believe!
  5. We are leaving tomorrow morning I hope we get a good result to make the return at the Bridge an easy one!
  6. I was there in september for their game against my local team (Club Brugge). It's quite impressive actually.
  7. Flight and hotel booked We are flying from Brussels to Zürich and from Zürich to Lissabon on matchday and returning the day after. Staying in Sana Malhoa Hotel. Looking forward to it
  8. Hi guys, When I arrived at the stadium (about 4 hours before kick-off), the (official) matchday scarves were already sold out. Anyone happen to have a spare one and willing to sell it to me? Really disappointed you couldn't even get one anymore 4 hours before kick-off...
  9. Back home after two tiresome days. We left yesterday morning at 6 to take the 9.30 flight from Brussels to Milan and the 1.10 flight from Milan to Naples. Immediately took a cab to the hotel, which was located 500 meters from the stadium. Left our stuff behind in the hotel room and went to take some pictures of the stadium. I was surprised to see that there were already hundreds of people waiting to enter the stadium, while kick-off was still 5 hours away... We wanted to walk around the whole stadium to get to the away end, when we couldn't get through anymore. A steward was surprised we got t
  10. Leaving tomorrow morning, taking the plane from Brussels to Milan and then Milan to Naples Cheers
  11. Flight and hotel booked. Flying from Brussels to Milan and Milan to Naples. Departure day of match, return day after match, can't wait! :-)
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