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  1. I would and then rotate him for the FA Cup game.
  2. Arse will treat this like a cup final and we’ll never hear the end of it from their fans if we lose to the worst Arse team in my lifetime at home with top 4 on the line. Good that the likes of Silva, Havertz, Mount etc will be nice and fresh after resting at the weekend. Can’t afford to choke like we did last time we played them this season.
  3. No, but they’ve potentially fucked over two big rivals, which for a team who has already secured CL qualification like they have, may be a huge bonus for them next season.
  4. Guess fans now have a direct way to affect the entire Premier League now. Just start a riot at your clubs stadium and you can get the entire PL fixture list fucked up. Imagine how Liverpool and WH fans must feel watching this. Imagine how we’d feel if we lost Saturday…
  5. Our game against Leicester might be the top 4 decider.
  6. If Leicester somehow, someway manage to lose here against the United youth team then I’ll laugh and say fair play. But if they batter this side as they should and are gifted 3 points with no resistance then I’ll be pissed.
  7. That’s fucked up. Imagine how pissed we’d be seeing that team if we hadn’t beaten City. I’d be livid.
  8. Of course on the ONE time all fucking season we desperately want these wankers to win their forced to play their C team due to fixture congestion. Some real nice competitive integrity from the PL here. Leicester basically getting a free 3 points.
  9. That Arse XI is shocking, my word. As for West Ham now, they still have 3 piss easy fixtures remaining. If things go disastrously for us and Leicester they still have a slim shot if they win all 3.
  10. What a fucking week this has been for us.
  11. Everton’s midfield is just totally nonexistent. They’ll be very fortunate if they can manage not to concede here.
  12. Yeah, Everton are shite. Can’t see them winning this. WH starting to carve through them. Everton have zero creativity in their team.
  13. Come on, Everton. Don’t be useless today, ffs…
  14. I wonder, does anyone outside of United’s orbit actually rate OGS as a coach? Like, you rarely ever see him on the sidelines actually doing anything. Usually just sits in his chair staring like a dope. His team follow almost the same pattern every week. They always go behind and then come roaring back to eventually win so it’s not like he often sets them up well from the start. He just seems to be fortunate to have very good players in very specific positions to keep riding this wave all season. Fall behind, win. Fall behind, win. Over and over. Hope it finally catches up with these
  15. Surprise, surprise. Another ridiculously soft penalty for United. Yet another Pogba dive from contact by a player half his size.
  16. These useless bastards will be truly up for this of course.
  17. A loss or draw here wouldn’t be catastrophic due to results elsewhere, but my word a win would be gigantic. Because I can definitely see Everton giving WH a huge headache.
  18. Eeesh. In a game both sides absolutely want to (and in our case kinda need to) win I don’t like the look of our XI at all. Not so confident here and am kind of scared for Billy against that midfield. I can foresee City completely starving our attack of any service.
  19. €30m per season! Sweet Jesus. Nobody else in the world could’ve paid him that so it’s not like he could’ve gone anywhere. Real Madrid and Barca are broke.
  20. If Leicester choke away top 4 at the death yet again I think Rodgers plays the “I’ve taken this club as far as I can” card and bounces for either Spuds or Arse. Don’t think he’d be able to immediately turn Arse around because they’re in utter disarray. That’ll take years. But if he goes to Spuds and can convince Kane to stay I could see them being a genuine threat within 2 years.
  21. Any talk of Mo Salah is simply Lewandowski is the exact opposite of the type of player we normally target. We have been going after players that can steadily grow and be at the club long term. Though, maybe seeing 36 year old Silva absolutely boss it will change the clubs’ mind.
  22. Definitely think we’ll rotate quite heavily for this which of course makes sense but is also worrying with WH, Liverpool, and Spuds right on our asses. City can and will play their strongest side because they want to clinch the title and coast until the final. Wouldn’t be shocked to see one of Tammy or Giroud up top, Ziyech, CHO, Zouma, Alonso, etc in to give some a rest.
  23. Arse are in sort of a lose-lose situation managerial wise. They stick with Arteta and they’re fucked because he’s in over his head. They sack him and there aren’t any standout, top class managers that are a good match for them. Sarri would be a poor fit and wouldn’t excite their fans at all. No currently employed world class coach is leaving their club to step into that shitty job. Allegri has been out of the game for years now and would be a huge gamble. Plus, he would need a mega transfer budget which Arse won’t have. The only thing I think they could do to almost immediately turn things aro
  24. I just can’t stop fucking smiling. That tie really wasn’t in jeopardy at all. We comfortably spanked Real Madrid. Feels unreal.
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