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  1. Put these cunts to bed now. No goals on the break! Bring Kante in at 2-0 to shut them off!
  2. It’s just sad that the only way I can see us scoring atm if from a comedy mistake from our opponents or a fluke from someone unexpected. Can’t remember a side collapsing to this degree with just 2 injuries but us not having our first choice wingbacks has made us look like a totally different team. We look no better than a midtable side without them.
  3. Can we get J5 out of there for Kante so we stop Bergwjin running through us like tissue paper? Spuds look dangerous on the break every time they pass it to him. And how about Werner to run at them? We’re killing them down both flanks but do nothing with it.
  4. That’s the biggest difference between us and the top 2. Even some of their rotation players are killers. We don’t even look like scoring with our “best” players in there.
  5. Our buildup is fine but we can’t do shit when we get into the box. Both Lukaku and CHO look like donkey’s when it’s time to shoot.
  6. CHO fucking useless again in an acre of space. He simply cannot beat a man 1v1 anymore. Fucking terrible. What use is he then?
  7. Is it? Hard to be worse than Alonso but at least Alonso is a threat in attack sometimes. Sarr isn’t and is just as shaky defensively.
  8. Makes me not even feel like watching us. More shit on a stick attacking play is likely.
  9. What did Havertz do to deserve being dropped for an extended period like this? Mount has been terrible for a while now and Lukaku hasn’t done much of anything either.
  10. Fucking hell, man. Same SHIT attack that couldn’t lay a glove on Brighton. Wtf is TT doing?!
  11. Klopp has instilled a monster mentality in his whole squad. They always feel like they can win no matter what. Our squad meanwhile is filled with soft, fragile players.
  12. Tbf, Zlatan is a massive fame whore. He couldn’t pass up the idea of going to the ultimate fame whore club Man United where he could be the center of attention.
  13. The hell would Lewandowski leave the most comfortable job in football to come to the PL? He can basically show up each game in his slippers and pajamas on that Bayern team and score 35+ for the rest of his prime years.
  14. Having obviously not seen the team we’ll go with tomorrow of course, I’m actually pretty damned confident against this current iteration of Spuds. Conte is a great manager but the key thing is their poverty midfield. That’s an area we have totally dominated them in each of the meetings this season and I don’t see any reason why that will change tomrrrow. If Havertz starts up top I think we’ll win.
  15. Fucking fuck off, West Ham you choking fucks. This horrendous United side are going to somehow claw their way back into contention for a CL place.
  16. Just checked him out on YouTube. Looks legit.
  17. Their players looked like they didn’t even want to be on the pitch against us in either leg of the League Cup. So surely in the PL they’ll be MUCH more motivated and hungry. If the XI comes up and I see Lukaku, Ziyech, and CHO all starting I may not even watch. I’ll just distract myself by watching some Twitch and checking in when the game is over. Not going to subject myself to more tortuous attacking play.
  18. Yeah. I don’t blame TT for this mess at all. Will be disgusting if these players put another manager at risk of the sack by failing to finish top 4.
  19. If we have yet another terrible result this weekend perhaps that’ll light a fire under the boards’ backsides? Especially as it will be against a side that’s chasing us.
  20. His problem for sure is consistency. A problem that sadly all of our attackers have. But even at his best level in his best form I don’t think he offers enough at a club with title ambitions to be in the best XI. Almost never scores goals and is infuriatingly frustrating with his decision making in the final third. Like, for those wide positions I don’t think Cal’s best form is close to Pulisic’s or even Timo’s. Both of the latter can score and assist. As I mentioned in the match day thread the other day against Brighton, CHO is basically a poor imitation of Willian. Doesn’t score, doesn
  21. At least Sancho has shown levels CHO can only dream of for multiple seasons in Germany. He’ll come good once they get a proper manager and an actual system/vision in place. I can’t see Cal becoming anything more than an okay squad player for us. Someone who rotates in for cups and injuries.
  22. He’s bang average. A midtable level player. Offers basically no end product and switches off too often in his defensive duties. And we gave him such a huge contract that we’re stuck with him.
  23. Crisis averted, lads. Kenedy and this kid are inbound to save our season.
  24. Just saw Dembele has personally rubbished claims he wants to leave and all but confirmed that the club hierarchy is trying to force him out by talking shit about him to the press. They’re desperate to get his wages off their books.
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