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  1. Until we see any evidence at all that we’re attempting to sign a new striker we should just all assume Tammy is staying. And so far we haven’t.
  2. Worth it still. Better than seeing him reunited with Sancho in Manchester next summer for a third of the price and haunting us for a decade.
  3. Midfield options in case of a Kante or Jorginho injury are evaporating now. Please don’t tell me RLC or Barkley are staying…
  4. It’s not out of the realm of possibility of course. But for me it’s extremely risky. Why go into a season merely hoping all these players improve when we can add to the squad in key areas and basically ensure that we don’t have to depend on that hope? We sign Haaland and we don’t have to worry about Werner missing sitters or Ziyech forgetting how to play football.
  5. Perhaps we wouldn’t be scrambling on literally the last day for top 4 like the last two seasons, but I absolutely do think we’d be in for a real battle with Leicester, Spuds, and Arse for that 4th spot. Sorry, but expecting TT to finish above City, Liverpool, and United who all have reliable goal scorers whilst we have Tammy Abraham as our only officially recognized striker is madness.
  6. I don’t see it that way at all. It would just mean that others improved while we stood still.
  7. Nah. None of those clubs have the depth or potential over an entire season to properly threaten the big boys. As with a bunch of our key players last season who were subpar, you can imagine Arse being significantly better this coming season if the likes of Auba, Partey etc are back to their usual selves. And Ben White instantly becomes by far their best CB. I feel that if we make 2-3 key signings the likes of Arse/Spuds/Leicester will be no real threat to us. But if we don’t sign a striker they will be.
  8. At this rate both North London clubs as well as United and Leicester (all clubs who you’d expect to be in the mix for top 4) will have made 3-4 signings each before we’ve made 1. Not counting the 3rd choice keeper, that is.
  9. I really rate Ben White. Sensible, great signing for the annoying bastards.
  10. This is even weirder, then. Gündo was arguably their best player last season and they’re spending £100m to buy someone to rotate with him? Pep is of course smarter than almost anyone out there but this is so puzzling.
  11. Pep’s attacking players (especially the wide attackers) have always been basically programmed robots. They have very specific instructions to basically stay super wide and be very positional disciplined. So that’s why it’s super strange to me that Pep has such a boner for Grealish who is the ultimate floating wanderer and isn’t really a traditional winger at all. Specifically for City’s team I’d rather have an in form Sterling starting in the left than Grealish from a fit point of view. And speaking of which, I wonder what Sterling thinks of this signing? Just had a great Euro’s and will
  12. I stand by my feeling that Grealish doesn’t make much of a difference for City and that £100m is an absolutely ridiculous price to pay for him. He’s going to be good there as almost every attacker is but I don’t think he really makes them any any scarier than they already were.
  13. Pizy


    Probably regrets every single day that he left here.
  14. Since it’s looking less and less likely that we’ll buy a striker ourselves, I think we should prepare ourselves to see Tammy stay. Which is nuts given Tuchel doesn’t fancy him at all.
  15. Can definitely see Ollie Watkins and Tammy combining quite nicely. Probably as good as Villa can get in terms of strikers.
  16. Absolutely not worth 100m. But if we can somehow get that price down to between 60-75 I’d say he’s worth it. PL proven, only 22, homegrown, and a potential captain like personality. He could lock down a spot in our XI for a decade. We’ve got to have a player or multiple players that are of interest to WH as a makeweight.
  17. Hard to believe that things were so “hot” with Koundé and it’ll now fall through. We’ll sign him.
  18. We haven’t even been linked with Süle in months by anyone reliable. And he worked under Naglesmann at his old club so I’m sure he will give him a chance.
  19. If Zouma goes somewhere other than Sevilla I can’t imagine us paying the full ask for Koundé. Him being included in the deal was the main reason it was happening, right?
  20. So Koundé isn’t actually as close as portrayed. Just hope he’s in before the season starts.
  21. I just feel like if we’re going to sign any midfielder it should be with an eye on instantly improving our first XI. Hence why the link to Rice makes sense. If we just want depth and someone with future potential to cover for Kante and Jorginho we may as well have kept Billy or keep Gallagher around.
  22. I really don’t think Tchouameni looks all that impressive even in his “best bits” youtube highlights. Just looks like a solid, above average DM. The sort of player clubs like Everton, West Ham or Spuds would take a punt on and see if he develops further. Doesn’t really look to me like Chelsea first XI material.
  23. Away kit looks infinitely better than the home kit.
  24. From a business point of view what they’re doing is extremely dumb. But it is sort of admirable that Dortmund don’t sell players that they don’t want to sell. You can be pissed off at them if they were forcing unhappy players to stay when they are desperate to leave but players like Haaland and Sancho are more than happy to just put their heads down and wait for their moves. We see ourselves how barren the market for quality forwards is so what actual good is 100m + to them if there’s nobody to spend it on? All that being said, we’d be foolish to not even put in a mega bid to te
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