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  1. What has baffled me is I'm on a group on Facebook, only about 30 people but we're all passionate football fans and earlier this week 10 were shouting anti ESL stuff from the rooftops. This morning I posted the tweet about Uefa's new plans which sneaks two teams in based on history ESL style, every single one of those 10 have seen it and only 1 reacted. Which begs the question, were the other 9 (and this will apply to many others around the world) actually outraged about this or were they just doing it for likes and to fit In? Because as far as I'm concerned people outraged about the
  2. This whole thing becomes utterly pointless if this is now allowed to pass through. https://twitter.com/mjshrimper/status/1384631355573776384?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1384631355573776384|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2F If Neville, Linekar, Rio etc just stay quiet now and resume their custy jobs on sky/BT they're just as bad and I won't want to hear any "passionate rants" from them ever again.
  3. We should carry on as normal until we hear otherwise, similar to just before lockdown when the prospect of the league suspension lingered or a few weeks.
  4. He's been defending them for years, if he found his balls/'morals' sooner he could have got them out (if he was vocal in his discontent of the Glazers many would have followed suit) and therefore cutting out a key player to creating this (Joel Glazer will be vice chairman to this super league). Where was his 'morals' when his employers were charging fans £15 to watch games in the middle of the pandemic? This movement is largely a reaction to greed from many parties one of which Neville has happily took a wage from for the past decade, he is (alongside many others in the public eye jumping
  5. While I don't want this to happen the sheer level of hypocrisy is mindblowing. Neville has worked on Sky for a decade and been defending Man.United's owners for even longer, he's complicit in this not a victim.
  6. I was talking about supporters, many were vowing to show no interest in it if it returned BCD. When it truly comes to actually doing what they say they will, the vast majority won't be able too.
  7. Yeah that will never happen. During the first lockdown many people vowed to boycott football if they brought it back while the pandemic was still on, haven't come across a single person that stuck to his/her guns when the time came to actually do it.
  8. EL fair enough but I'm not having the CL, if any player should be specifically singled out for praise for what happened late on in Barca it should be Bosingwa as he made the contribution that was the difference between us going through and not (an interception that prevented a 2 on 1 vs Cech) and not only that the chance in the first place came from Torres losing the ball needlessly.
  9. Why tf is Torres still getting marketed like he was a success?
  10. Aren't those fixtures being moved anyway so every stadium gets one game with fans?
  11. When I play fifa career mode I always have a random game where i get hammered by a shithouse team and they do it playing quality football. That game was literally that.
  12. Feels like half time, we have to make this count by winning the final.
  13. Always get more confident for games once I see losses predicted en mass.
  14. First time Thiago Silva and Kepa have played together so if the former finally starts looking his age after this we'll know why.
  15. That makes little sense as if he was under pressure to give players a chance due to their price tag Kepa would have been the first one back in.
  16. Meh, if we let either of these above us we don't deserve shit.
  17. This season yes, last season two German sides made it while the runaway champions were dumped out by a diluted Atletico and the 2nd place team were dumped out by the 10th place French side. Not to mention even this year the PL's 2nd team were dumped out thanks to losing to a team that are fighting relegation in Turkey.
  18. Look at the prices Liverpool got for the likes of Solanke, Ibe, Brewster etc, look at how much Watkins cost before kicking a top flight ball. As much as Tammy has too many flaws to be a starter here he offers a guaranteed healthy goal tally that will be goldust further down the league. If punts like Brewster can command £24m then Tammy for £40m is more than a fair price.
  19. On that basis the PL is shit because look at Hazard and Coutinho on these shores compared to Spain.
  20. Every time us and Madrid have been both of us winning our tie away from clashing one of us have buggered it up. Will this finally be the time?
  21. I don't usually play "i told you" but this was so obvious i couldn't believe i was in the minority.
  22. Madrid have bucketloads of experience of this stage of CL where our current players don't. They may not be what they were but they know how to negotiate these type of nights and so do Liverpool aswell so it's a big task whoever we get, but that's what CL is all about.
  23. If it's Chelsea Vs Paris final Tuchel is guaranteed a winners medal whatever happens.
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