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  1. Hmm, not a good weekend for us apart from the Dipper result. Leicester, Utd, Spuds all won. Going to need to win this one as West Ham, Spuds and Everton have games in hand on us. Not certain a draw will do.
  2. I don't know, I reckon we can sign AC and Rudi to new contracts if they continue to play well. If they do, then a CB I would be looking at is Torres as we could do with a left footed CB.
  3. He has been injured as is struggling to pick the pace of the game up again?
  4. I understand where you are coming from but I personally am not sold on selling a 22 year old who has had his injuries who also showed as much potential as he did in the second half of last season. Ziyech, for me is the one most in trouble. Although he is new to the league he is peak age and he looks completely out of his depth in regards to the pace of the league like Cuadrado did. Further, he has been equally as bad as Puli and whilst he may get better I go back to what I have seen both do at their best and Puli seems the better fit. Ziyech needs too much space and time to be effective
  5. Same could be said of Ziyech and Harvetz (although he hasn't really been seen, to be fair.) Personally, I am not giving up on Puli yet, he has a very good second half of last season and this one has been a strange one. That said, next Summer is going to be interesting. If we continue with the current formation it is hard to see all of: CHO, Puli, Ziyech, Harvetz and Werner staying. For me the one most in danger would be Ziyech, he wasn't that expensive, is the oldest and I could see him appealing to a number of teams on the continent.
  6. Zouma is surely a goner. He isn't getting away with his passing and lack of reading the game under TT. Fortunately, he has quite a big market and we should be able to get £30m+ for him. I can imagine a number of PL teams would take him. Depending on what happens and what TT wants to do next season, we have a few options in a 3atb. CCB: Silva, AC RCB: Rudi, Dave, Amapdu, Zouma, Tomori LCB: Guehi, Sarr For me, if AC continues as he has for the rest of the season and Rudi/Silva also continue to play well, we are going to have some tough decisions to make. The onl
  7. Good. Now for Uefa to do the same.
  8. With the way he has been playing, they could always just pay the £26m then flip him for £30m+ to someone else. Those Italian teams are so tight.
  9. Yeah, breath of fresh air after Kepa. However, with the ball at his feet he gives me a panic attack virtually every time.
  10. Sorry to burst your bubble but Alonso will be back as soon as we do not play against a team with no quick forward players or a team that we should dominate possession. In my opinion, that probably means he'll be back Monday.
  11. CF is as well. We don't have one that can do it consistently in the big games. Giroud is ok when we do not need pace but isn't when we do. Plus he is 35 next season.
  12. Another big game. Going to need another big performance. Mendy Rudi AC Silva James Kova Kante Alonso Mount Harvetz/CHO Giroud
  13. Chilwell will play against teams with pace and Alonso will when teams do not or we are going to dominate possession. Chilwell is going to have to improve quite a lot in the opposition half to take Alonso's place back.
  14. Not got much time to write a lengthy post but I just want to say how pleased I am with AC. I have held a candle for him, nearly by myself, and so glad he is now starting to look like the player he looked like he could be. Still a lot more work to do, but he has been excellent since coming in for Silva. As for the game, super important win. Now lets push on for the rest of the season. KTBFFH
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