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  1. £130m wasn't ever doing it. Dortmund know what they have got and have a history of turning down money when they know one year down the line they will never get as much. It'll be €175m or not happening.
  2. I just don't see it with Grealish. He is a very good player, but is he world class? I am really not certain. When I watch him he reminds me a lot of a more physical Joe Cole. That isn't a £100m player in my book.
  3. As for the game, good first half then it all kind of fell apart in the second owing to the changes. Personally, not a fan of doing bulk changes in one hit. As for the players, I will focus on a few: RLC: Good first half were he played deeper. In the second were he got pushed forward a bit he was his usual self. CHO and Pulisic: Didn't do themselves any favours in a WB position as defensively they're not good enough. Grew into the end of the first half but wanted to see more. Sarr: Really bad. Chabolah: Thought he did ok. Sterling: Some very good flashes but a
  4. I thought he was really bad. He got caught out on a number of occasions and he gave the ball away a few times. Sterling also had to come across and bail him out on a really dangerous counter. Personally, I thought out of everyone, he was the worst with Barkley a close second.
  5. Be interested to see where he ends up. Some rumours he may end up at Rangers if they get CL.
  6. We do have a history of this so I am not saying this isn't happening again, however we need to see how things play out this month before complaining. Personally if we were laying out £100m for Grealish I would be going bananas.
  7. Zouma is always like this when people decide to run at him and they're tricky/fast. It is the reason he is most likely to be sold. His game is best suited to physical football.
  8. I am a big critic of his but he is playing really well bar one dire pass.
  9. Yeah, not a fan of the hopes. Would've preferred pinstripes if they had to do it. Additionally, why black? Why not blue or green?
  10. 2019 is only a three year period, normally it would be run on five years, that that would be Summer's 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 accounted together. Additionally, bar last season, the club have run things pretty tight. Cannot see them going crazy again with another mega spend.
  11. Not sure we will have a £100m to spend before sales. I reckon it is more likely we will have somewhere between £30-50m after last seasons net of £100m. Cannot see us doing two seasons back to back. At the moment we have approximately £55m from fees and we probably can still get decent money for Tammy (if we do find a CF) and Zouma. Some of the following players will probably raise a little but I am not sure it will be as many as people think. Baka, Bats, Drinky, RLC, Barkley are all sunk costs in my opinion so don't expect anything other than a loan for them. Imo, we will probably
  12. Me currently waiting for some transfer news that doesn't eminate from some BS Twitter account.
  13. The deadline was first week of Aug, so that is the whole of next week.
  14. First of all I said £35m-£40m. Second, why can Brentford get £35m for a CF who hasn't kicked a ball in the PL, yet we can't for a 23 year old English CF who has a decent scoring record in the PL? As for teams, all the teams need a CF: Brighton Palace Newcastle Le Arse (If they sell Laca) West Ham You can argue some of those won't go near £40m (Newcastle, although they blew £30m on Joe Linton of all people.) So, it is not unreasonable to think this. Tammy may not be Chelsea level but he is capable of getting 12-15 goals a season at his current level (and
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