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  1. Lukaku's first touch is pretty poor, thus I have evidence for the reference. Juan's only interactions with people on here is through odd posts here and there and he has no idea of what they're like in real life.
  2. Oh, no! Juan is upset about people talking bad about signing a donkey* he likes for €130m. We had all better watch out! He sounds really big and scary typing away on his keyboard calling people names and trying to psycho analyse them. * In football, especially in the United Kingdom, a player who is considered unskilful is often dubbed a "donkey",[35] and the term has a similar connotation in poker https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_references_to_donkeys
  3. For €130m? Yes. When you spend the sort of money that we are on Lukaku, you're pretty much all in on him for five years. At Utd, he had a good first four-six months then was largely crap as people knew how to deal with him in that system. Expect something similar. Some people on here are are getting bamboozled by him stat padding by scoring tap ins at Inter.
  4. Honestly, I'd would have preferred to have kept Giroud or even give Tammy another year.
  5. You can if you see 2015 to now as a whole instead of isolating 2017 and shifting it to Conte. Barring last season the club have been pulling this nonsense for six years now.
  6. Lukaku when he isnthe biggest and fastest player on the pitch: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9NiumzzcmEI
  7. Torres wasn't worse than Kepa. He was bad but Kepa is the all time winner in the worst signing stakes. £72m with £170k a week for seven years for a funsized GK with T-rex arms who is essentially a training cone when shots are placed in a corner has no equal.
  8. Apart from City and the Dippers, who gives us open space to run into in the PL?
  9. Take away last Summer and the club have been an absolute disaster (if this happens) in the transfer market since the end of the 2015 season.
  10. If we are going to a back four we better not be thinking of playing Kounde in that.
  11. To me it reeks of a 2015-18 signing.
  12. Mount may be pushed back to the Pivot which may explain the lack of bids/news on a CM. Not sure this will work but it may be being considered.
  13. Yeah, against the low to mid rank sides. He always disappears in big games as his weaknesses are so obvious. Honestly see TT having an aneurysm watching him playing upfront.
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