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  1. Think Willian never made double digit goals and assists in the same year, so Mount doing that at a younger age shows that he has the potential to go up a couple of steps on Willian. Then you have the fact, that whilst he plays the most minutes, his g+a per 90 are still the best in the squad. As for his position, it isn't his fault he is getting played there because there isn't a real No.8 position in the formation we play or because are current WF cannot compete with his numbers.
  2. He is in his stat padding phase atm, gotta remember he loves nothing more than scoring goals that don't matter.
  3. I hope it continues that way. I hate players who get too full of themselves.
  4. Yeah, that is one positive with his bid. That said, all the financing and due diligence (as it would need to be gone over again) still normally takes longer. Obviously, we were in a goodish place with him returning as some of the leg work had been done already.
  5. Surprised this has moved so quickly. Multi-Billion pound take overs usually take a lot longer. Hopefully nothing has been missed and all due diligence has been done properly.
  6. It does. As I said a few pages ago, they were just throwing blood into the water to cause a frenzy.
  7. Nah, he only has the odd moan when the Dippers are winning, when they're losing he is ridiculously bad with his moaning and aggressiveness. Everybody seems to forget about last season where he was walking out of interviews, answering sarcastically all the time and even getting confrontational. Hate the guy just as much as every other Dipper.
  8. What is idiotic if true, is that when he was playing full time, he was the 4th worst outfield player in the league at pressing.
  9. The Times have had a number of articles pilling into the club since the sanctions. There was one that said we should be relegated. Ignore anything from them, they have been throwing red meat articles out since the start of this.
  10. Interesting if true. Ratcliffe wouldn't be wasting time like this if he wasn't serious. I'd imagine there must be something in the Boehly bid that isn't the best, I'd imagine this is either to do with where the money is coming from and/or it is something to do with leverage.
  11. Honestly don't want to watch anymore games this season if the players are just wanting to go through the motions. I am not too worried about 4th simply because Le Arse and Spuds have to play each other, Spuds also have the Dippers away.
  12. A couple of things: 1) That article is a few months old. A number of Billionaires have seen large fluctuations recently. Bezos 'lost' about £15bil yesterday, Zuckerberg is down around 40% since last year. 2) You're overlooking that he has still gained about 1000% net worth in his equity holdings, even with the crash, since 2016. 3) All losses at the moment are what are called, 'unrealised losses' since he never sold or does he have any intention of selling so he will just ride this out. 4) Charts that are provided principally focus on the equity wealth, apart from Real
  13. Not so sure about Gnabry as I think he operates best when he gets space to run into like some other players we have and struggle because no team gives us that. Jesus however is interesting to me, he is one player who is PL experienced with a decent goal scoring record and has good movement and reasonable link up play to play the F9 role. If available for reasonable money, I would be all over him.
  14. Let's see, I am not really a fan of Yank ownership, but he was by far and away the best of the Yank options. Personally, I am waiting to see what happens with this as whilst he has made the right noises, actually putting your hand in your pocket, especially in an intelligent way, is very different.
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