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  1. But the Dippers and City have players like: Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Rodri, Fernandinho, KDB (ok athletically he isn't the greatest) Kun (small but physical, even if a bit old/slow now). I mean we do not have many players in any of the CM/AM/CF areas that can match any of those players physically/athletically. Giroud can strength wise, but athletically he is done, Kante athletically matches them or beats them, but his strength/height is disadvantaged.
  2. This is a prime example of why in the PL you need some big physical men playing in the forward positions. Out problem is that we are a complete bunch of lightweights these days. Absolute minimum we need is a physical CM and a physical CF (who can run, Giroud can't unfortunately.) Have you forgotten Lukaku's first touch? It is still dire, it is just that he is playing in a slow ass league these days that he gets away with it. If he came here Tommy Boy would have a stroke with him playing up front. As for Kane, not going to happen boys and girls, even if Levy agrees to sell, he doe
  3. Yeah, the whole Kepa thing is insane if we follow it all the way back to January 2018 and look what happened with TC. There was an interesting article in The Athletic a couple of weeks ago about Courtois' departure from the club. In the piece Johnson hinted that Kepa was a panic buy by the club and that Courtios has always insisted that the club had agreed he could leave in March 2018. Personally, I have always brought TC's story as all the rumours at the time had us in pole position for Alisson. My theory has always been the following: 1) Real pull out of buying Kepa in Janu
  4. Sorry, but the club have to accept they brought a dud. His fee and wages are a completely sunk cost. No way do we get anything better than a loan with maybe 20% of his wages covered. The kid is just not a good player. Personally, I would rank him as a GK2 for a run of the mill La Liga side, maybe a starting GK for a Spanish side in their division below La Liga. As I have stated before, can anyone actually provide any detailed analysis of what he does well? I mean seriously, one thing? I ask as I really struggle to see anything that would make me even comfortable to have him as a GK2, as
  5. Wow, I find it amazing that some people on here are trying to defend Kepa even when they have a past history of bigging up RLC and making out like Mount was some sort of donkey. By now, I would've thought these people would've realised they should go a little more easy on their player analysis. However, it seems to be that a lot of people on here who appear to pick their players, then defend them to the hilt regardless of what is actually being seen on the pitch/in the data. Anyhow, what I really want a Kepa defender to come up with is an analysis of what he does well? I mean seriously, p
  6. Cannot be true, surely? I mean, who the feck is going to buy that?
  7. I worded that wrong, I meant that the Dippers have closed the gap and we need two wins from two now.
  8. Alonso should have played 100%. Chilwell doesn't run in behind unless he is forced too and offers zero attacking threat in the opposition box. I was kind of shocked he started as I thought Alonso would play this one and then Chilwell play both of the Leicester games.
  9. We need six as there is only two games left. Need Utd to do us a massive favour now.
  10. This is why we need an athletic CM who is able to also score/assist.
  11. 22500 is BS for a CL final. They could easily ramp that up to half capacity/45,000.
  12. Need to win this one. Cannot afford to be giving the teams around us a sniff. Also, these cnuts have been jamming wins against us with no logical reason. Mendy Dave Zouma Rudi James Jorgi Billy Alonso Ziyech CHO Harvetz
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