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  1. So how has Pep's football not been found out? How about Gegenpress under Klopp? What about Spurs and Poch not been found out? I don't believe we've been found out. I do, however, believe the club brought in Sarri without a clear plan. They knew it would take him time and some investment in players he wants. It would likely take two transfer windows to bring in all the players to play his style. Unlike City though, Pep already had an attacking mentality at the club. This defensive mindset our club has had all these years, with hire and fire mentality, as well as poor recruitment is coming back
  2. Why is it always so difficult for this club to keep a manager through thick and thin ffs. Unbelievable that our players APPARENTLY can't understand the tactics, yet Pep's City can and also Sarri's Napoli players can also. Maybe a few of our players are just thick as pig shit.
  3. All they are doing is reading what social media and forums say. Our fanbase makes it worse because there's some spoiled, fickle fans among us with the loudest voices whining. Notice how when we beat Liverpool earlier in the season, then almost beat them if not for fucking Sturridge, then we beat Man City, but Sarri gets no praise at all. As soon as we lose to Arsenal, the assholes all come out the woodwork to criticise. Where would our rivals be without their main goal scorer/striker? Sarri has had to deal with pretty much zero striker all season.
  4. What kind of manager though? The board tried for Sandro, couldn't get him. Tried for Koulibaly, couldn't get him. I would say they did try to back Conte, but Conte in the second season messed it up for himself by arguing with players and not ruining ties.
  5. Well Conte did have it alright himself, he had Costa who he then fell out with and broke ties with. Sarri was left with Morata/Giroud, neither were anything to do with him. Sarri has started this season with no striker. Jorginho came because of Sarri otherwise City would have had him. I mean, Courtois wanted to leave so we had to find a replacement. It just so happened that Sarri's style relied on having a goalkeeper good with their feet and Kepa was available. If he wasn't, we would have been left with god knows who because Alisson had made his mind up to join Liverpool.
  6. Sounds exactly like Hudson-Odoi. I like him too and want to see him play more, but I think sometimes there's a bit too much hysteria with the youth players. I myself am guilty of falling into the trap of hyping up a player, they go on loan and then don't improve. The only player who continually seems to impress me and I think will be a very good player is Tammy. I really do think he'll be a top player in a few seasons. He continues to impress me with his hunger and desire during games to score. I love that about him, he doesn't give up. Unfortunately, he's too good for the Championship, but ne
  7. It's Bayern Munich we are talking about here. They are elite club level. I don't think he can be guaranteed playing time tbh. It's a decision he needs to think about smartly. Slow introduction into the side is what is best for him, like Sarri has been doing. People talking about Sancho as the goal for a young player seems a bit off. Dortmund aren't as elite as Bayern Munich are, and Bayern certainly won't stand for being second best in Germany, this season or seasons to come.
  8. Yes, but he's not going to be some game changer at 18 years old. We aren't talking about an 18 year old Messi here. Callum is a good young player, but for fans to expect him to change games it's ridiculous. It is why we need more experience and quality up top. Callum's strongest position is also on the LW, cutting in on his right, but with Hazard taking that spot normally, he won't be getting loads of chances. A loan may suffice.
  9. I like CHO as much as the next fan who wants youth to succeed, but from what i have seen from him in Europa against such low tier opposition and be nullified, I'm not sure he's going to be some PL game changer. It doesn't matter anyway as if we get a striker in Jan, can see Pedro being the first team starter over Willian on that RW.
  10. Let's bring back Mourinho! That seems to be the way people want to head. Go full circle again with managers. People forget that Kloop, Pep and Poch didn't have incredible first seasons. We are going to go through rough patches, especially now teams are figuring out our style. Teams figured out City too in Pep's first season, but then it clicked into place and now look at them. People don't think Napoli were the well oiled machine they were when Sarri left, in the first season in charge, do they? It takes time to improve a team. People are so reactionary and have short memories in football
  11. If we had Conte or Mourinho, I would be concerned without Hazard. However, with Sarri at the helm I am not concerned if Hazard leaves. Hazard is a fantastic player, but City, Spurs, Liverpool don't have Hazard yet have made top four in the last 2/3 seasons. The fact is, having an offensive manager like Sarri helps to improve players and play a system in which benefits most players. I feel we can buy an elite level striker, maybe promote Hudson-Odoi and be good. The thing we lack this season is a 20+ goal striker so Hazard looks better, but with a 20+ goal striker and a Pedro and another simila
  12. Loftus-Cheek is playing so that's something to be happy about. The problem is, as long as we have Willian and Pedro, Hudson-Odoi will struggle for game time. Both will be playing bit parts and Hazard occupies that LW position. If Hudson-Odoi was left footed, the RW would be perfect.
  13. Well Bruce Buck works at the club and most of the other staff will probably stay. Maybe Marina will leave, we don't know. These multi-Billionaires aren't idiots, they would bring in the experts.
  14. Why? Nothing he did created that goal. It was a wonder strike.
  15. Oh stop! People like you would be the first to moan if we started the young guys and lost a game. The fact is, experience will trump youth at the moment because our young players aren't at that level yet. Like others have said, there will be cup games where they will likely be used in rotation, but to expect either Ampadu or Hudson-Odoi to start for us in a league game is mental. Hazard already occupies Hudson-Odoi's strongest position. I don't think he'll be anywhere near as effective as Pedro on the other side either seeing as he is predominantly right footed, unlike Pedro who can play well
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