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  1. And to bring the best of him, it could be mean it will really depend on the system and how well other player around him If other factor around him doesn't going well, Kai could be never be good enough as a number ten nor as a striker in a high level
  2. How good is he actually, technically wise? Is he not much different from werner? relied a lot to his pace, space, finishing and sync movement from the whole attacking player? But beside that, from technical aspect, decision making, and his physical strength is actually similiar, which isn't really convincing?
  3. Is he gonna always play on the left side like this, untill he ends his career in blue shirt? Probably this is his best position. But to think this position should be fill with player with high calibre or good skillset Werner actually many times caught as very limited footballer mostly when he play out wide, he just got help by his speed and movement. But thats all from him, beside that, many aspect from his games/his actual capability is shockingly poor
  4. What tuchel trying to do actually to shutdown sheffield attack, when he sub werner and playing kante? Because it didn't really worked well
  5. dimmas


    And some people on there keep saying "But he was chelsea best player last season, especially after the restart. I don't have a clue what happened to him after join us(arsenal). Why he suddenly become shit" But infact, sadly, he already had some issue, really inconsistent and frustrating player even when he was still here
  6. I know hazard sometimes seems too relax and not an alpha player when he was on the pitch, has different hunger and mentality aswell than the likes of ronaldo or messi, mbappe, neymar But to knowing this from JT, how he does outside the pitch on training session, even mourinho need to accept that, it's actually interesting to me. I thought atleast hazard was really a hard worker and very determine person in training session
  7. Really? This is the best hope i also have But so far, he is really nothing special. Far worse than ozil, mata. He seems have a good touch, vision, technically talented. But he seems lacking something really essential He is too easy to dispossed, his mentality and his dribbling ability is also worrying, is not just about the pace because neither ozil and mata has it I know i'm being really harsh. But sometimes I even questioned his basic skill to become top or standout player. The way he shielding the ball is sad too see, barely have any desire to create anything, his tenden
  8. Why, because when kovavic come on, he isnt afraid to try something and not as static as he is?
  9. Based on this performance, you start to understand why people say havertz is generational talent? May you elaborate it more
  10. He was anonymous and useless, once again. Tired watching him play like this But sadly, there will be another poor performance from him, he is limited passer, and ofcourse we already know about his defensive quality. So another match against any decent pressing team, we will see some similiar perfomance like this
  11. For this game. Havertz perform as bad as rlc. Both really woeful Sad to see. Gosh, I hope havertz problem is only he isn't fit. His desire or interested to actually play is almost none. He really looks similiar like unmotivated ozil or when fabregas was really out of depth in certain games. Which is not good at all I really hope he isnt play like that anymore
  12. I really want to see some videos of him on how good he was when he face good pressing team. Is there any video or clips of that? His passing and his style of playing seems too relaxed, soft and bit of lazy. Iike ozil, silva or KDB. It's not that big deal, as long as he could produce some.moments of brilliance/magic, vision, and outsanding technique like them. But i don't know, i didnt see he has that outstanding aspect like those magician. The main difference between kai and them, kai seems barely have driven and willingnes to try to make some outsanding pass. His passing seems too safe,
  13. Am i the only one, sometimes really dislike the way he plays? I know he has so many good qualities, he is really good on ball retention, his calmness and composure when he had the ball, give us extra protection in midfield. But the way he barely threatening the opposition, barely create anything at all, he seems to has some mental block to playing safe everytime he have the ball. I mean with so much talent he actually posses. His dribbling skill, passing technique, composure. But the way he playing, It is so damn frustating. He seems not even trying to positioning himself in good po
  14. Is there any link to watch 2nd half ?From what i read fron this thread. It seems kovavic and jorginhk have some excellent night, and i missed it
  15. His passing range is what most impressive thing from him. Really interesting player, really exciting talent
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