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  1. And what happened to jorginho? Tuchel suddenly drop him in some consecutive mathes, because he change his strategy and team's setup without jorginho in his plan. Or is he actually just not in a fit condition?
  2. Lukaku is fucking terrible, we already know that. But how tuchel still seems very clueless how to utilize lukaku is somehow more concerning. Tuchel doesn't know how to use lukaku at all. And all of our forward players just consistently so fecking shit in too many games i'm not sure who's to blame.
  3. And giroud have much superior touch, game reading, aerial duel, clever movement Not forget to mention, even though he slow, giroud actually can be used as a proper target man. Just make me stretching my head even more. Why tuchel even aggree with this transfer. Since even after 6 months. He still doesn't know what to do integrate lukaku. Tuchel system still doesn't play to lukaku's strength. And lukaku himself hardly change and almost everytime he played, he just keep threatening our cohesion in attack
  4. Are we actually switched to back 4? If it's true, wow finally, so nice to see. And our front attacker like ziyech, havertz seems play more lively
  5. We have better chance, better fluidity before jorginho came in. I don't see much problem with our midfield to hold it. Since our central midfield kovacic and kante play so immensely. They play so excellent, release the ball much quicker, their movement were great, can hold pressure and read the game very well. We create much better space to exploit and got better chance aswell
  6. Why he even take the job, i'm still struggle to understand this. Is he doesn't as ambitious as some people think, only accept team with good condition and support to pursue big thropy, he (probably) not even suit for this team profile that spurs has at the moment
  7. Our actual attacking pattern, attacking play is concerning
  8. ‘I hate it’: Chelsea striker Lukaku says playing as target man only limits his goal productivity https://www.thechelseachronicle.com/club-news/i-hate-it-Chelsea-striker-lukaku-says-playing-as-target-man-only-limits-his-goal-productivity/ I really wonder, why tuchel always seem play lukaku as a target man. Let him being isolated for too long, the space between lukaku and the other attacker is too wide. And when he keep seeing on the match, the other team mate around him just pass the ball very slow, cannot link up with him, incapable enough too see lukaku's run timing. Tuch
  9. This. Even last season, it's actually strange. I still really remembered the way we play in the final game in EPL against aston villa, it was really really important game but how we actually play, shit and dire performance. Struggle and our attacking is very toothless. Though against city and madrid in ucl we were so damn brilliant, but in the match against aston villa and so many other matches in epl aswell, that actually shown our team has so many ACTUAL limitation and has so many ACTUAL problem
  10. Anyway talk about james, actually sometimes i still really worried by him defensively. Before he was sent off. The way he couldnt cope well and how he got exposed defensively for numerous times still worrying to watch. Lack of position awareness, concentration relapse, slow thinking, a bit poor decision how to defend against a quick and good attacking movement is still concerning. The henderson chance on the very early part of the game, just one example, henderson arrive in the very dangerous area, being open, exposed, unmarked aswell, he really could scored if not because
  11. Is it just me, or wolves actually playing kind a good football? been impressed united is really woeful, keep making poor pass, their midfield just show some shit display. But how wolves play, kind a enjoyable. How wolves's player movement, when they got the ball back, love the aggression, . How fast and nice they are on the transition, good movement, and some nice creative pass. Only the final ball is a bit poor Just been unlucky not already scored. And yeah, for the first team seeing adama, beside his final ball is bit lacking, but he is joy to watch
  12. Wow, what a turn, in just couple of hours Ole just said something on his interview or press conf. Suddenly, mu announce it. Premier league this season just gonna even more intense and interesting to watch. Just imagine the heat, the competition, the excitement on this league. If messi actually choose to regroup with pep's team Premier league will be so crazyyy. Sadly he choose the much more relax league to play for
  13. but his composure on the ball and technicall aspect is far superior than kante?
  14. In games like this, the combo of Jorginho and kovavic in our midfield just pure shit. They didn't offer anything when we have the ball, too passive, very slow ball movement and didn't creat anything at all ffs But what make it worse, they can't defend, because both just not athelethic, slow and physically very limited. So dreadful
  15. For me, replace him with much better midfielder could really transform us, especially how tuchel setup the team On his day, Jorginho could become really reliable player to be fair. In some matches this season, he show some class and composure in our centre of midfield. He could shut even his biggest critism/haters. But still, in the majority of his games this season. We still see what trully lacking from jorginho. sometimes it's like seeing midfielder version of alonso.
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