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  1. What happened to jorginho anyway? After hasn't selected regularly anymore under lampard, then since tuchel came in suddenly he got his good form, deliver some quality performance, even there was talk about him to win balloon d'or, and to some extend some people discuss about jorginho like one of the greatest cm last year, lampard was so wrong to bench him, jorginho being poor on lampard setup it's partially lampard's fault etc And suddenly this season, we actually see the real jorginho again, who shouldn't even be in our starting XI.
  2. We actually played much better when lukaku still on the pitch. And also can be said with kovavic, but kante substitution is necessary whilst kante played poorly, kante is needed to catching up their quick forward when they try to counter
  3. I still want Chelsea win this one. But hopefully raphinha will score against us. So Chelsea would have actual interest on him. Not see many winger with his capability on this league. Not so easy to dispose, not like our forward, determined, eager to score, skillful, can actually penetrate opposition defence, which we looks very pathetic at. And also he seems very good on the box, goal scoring winger with good composure. Raphinha has his own good and down side. But we desperately need player like him in our team next season
  4. Are you forget about our last match on previous season, against aston villa i guess. Thats was a very very important match to save ourself for getting champios leagues spot. But our team just showed up and played absolutely clueless and gutless. Tonight's performance isn't new. Already happen sooo many times, even from last season Tuchel team is so crazy incosistent and basicly could consider as mediocre team. Champions league semifinal and final just covered it up
  5. Well deserved win ... for everton. I would be furious, if team as toothless as gutless as ours score against them
  6. Do you think dortmund might be interest to recruit lukaku to replace halland? Doesn't mean lukaku would fill halland's boot, since halland seems really superior in certain important aspect But if they try to find striker with huge physicality, can exploit acres of space, capable to score load of goals when use solely as poacher. Lukaku in dortmund might work actually
  7. So fucking true. Can we expect something different for next season under tuchel? Hard to say. Feel stupid to have some hope, since this team has been like this for around 1,5 years under him.
  8. Are we playing well? I only watched for the last 15 minutes. But to be honest, i getting super tired and very annoyed to see how this tuchel team create chances Most of the time, it's almost only from crossing, crossing, crossing. Absolutely clueless how to play the ball forward. No other idea, no penetration, poor positioning, slow football. There is no intelligent movement, no nice combination among forward player. Our team only capable to attack well by pure instinct when there's some moment to counter the opposition defence. Beside those certain moment, tuchel
  9. Is there any better stream link? http://www.footy.to/sports/2022/league-cup-Chelsea-vs-liverpool-s1/ This one keep getting buffering the whole time
  10. Our turgid football save by combination of absolutely lucky cross and stupid mistake from their defender. Our football has been very horrendous. Can tuchel change that? Really doubt about that. If he can, he already did that from 6 months ago. Our attack just been consistently shit for too long, right now just getting even worse
  11. This team sometimes feels like having very very poor quality when comes to attack.
  12. lukaku can't utilise acres of space, his burst of pace will be very useless anyway if he has shitty touch like that. lukaku can't hold ball up. His presence usually just poor and weak And lukaku mostly just lose his aerial duel. I dont need to mention about his poor decision making, somehow often embarassing. And his donkey first touch. So depressing
  13. what a shitty touch from lukaku, damn, we 're trully doomed, we're gonna stuck with such a striker
  14. Well lampard have his own tactical limitation to turn things around and lacking something from his man management when things get ugly. But watching this kind of video makes me remember again, how many times Chelsea matches under him somehow was really give some excitement to watch
  15. His best performance for us so far. Credit to him And for me, it is his best goal from him Able to position himself very nicely around the box, find enough space and time to make some calculated shoot, really calm, try to curved the ball and really depend so much with his technique on the ball. And he just curved it brilliantly. Excellent goal But apart from that, i noticed in this match, on numerous time he able to find himself enough space and time, to give some nice and meaningful forward pass and occasionally offer some actual threat. While on the other matches, to
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