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  1. Great game today against United, Rashford who is rapid couldn't get past Zouma even once! He has been Stoke's best defender and arguably their best player so far. If he maintains this form throughout the season then Cahill has to go next summer in order to make space for big Kurt imo. Has looked decent on the ball as well.
  2. Clearly some inside banter we have no clue of
  3. I've got reason to watch Italy vs Israel now.
  4. He really looks more 182cm than 6'1.
  5. Not his god awful crossing or foul throws?
  6. He's only really 5'11 and a half, that's pretty normal for a full-back I think.
  7. He's only really been here for a month, sounds a tad too dramatic
  8. Really want him to shine this season.Come on Charly!!!!
  9. Who knows maybe if Kenedy plays a bit regularly, he might prove to be a decent back-up for Alonso? It certainly is worth a try to give Kenedy some regular game time just to see if his level of performances improve or not. I think if given a proper chance, Kenedy might end up becoming a decent depth player for us.
  10. I hope we don't go for him again in January. It's not that I don't like as a player, on the contrary, I was actually really excited about the prospect of him joining but the boy needs to realize that opportunities as big as Chelsea's only come once. He had his chance and he blew it, absolutely no need for us to go back for him again. I hope the board has some pride in themselves and does not chase him again in January. Enjoy at Spurs Ross!
  11. Just glad its over tbh. Don't think I could've survived another shitty day in the transfer window. Let the real football begin
  12. Sorta love him a bit already or I guess respect him for his desire to move to us after the rejections of Lukaku, Danilo, Ox, Barkley and Llorrente. Best of luck Danny!
  13. Can't wait for this shitstorm nightmare of a window to end.
  14. But every Chelsea fan and his dog knew that it was essential for us to sign 2 new wingbacks to provide competition and there were literally a gazillion of them available during this window but we penny pinched for Danilo and Walker while we only "monitored" the likes of Aurier and Cancelo, Inter and Soton refused to budge on Candreva and Cedric respectively so we put all our eggs in the Ox basket without even confirming whether he even wanted to play in the position we were targeting him for! Can you believe it!! And the worst is that the best RWB available in the window literally moved for pe
  15. We've been shambolic in this window mate, it is so depressing How can Marina and Emenalo even sleep at night after fucking over Antonio so hard over this window.
  16. Marina is busy negotiating with Rafinha after all.
  17. From Dani Alves, Danilo, Walker, Candreva, Aurier, Cancelo, Cedric, Oxlade to Rafinha. Marina needs to be booted out of this club asap. Before the window opened, I prayed to the footballing gods that we sign Nelson Semedo as I thought he would have been the perfect player for the RWB position but we showed absolute fuck all interest in him and guess what! Barca signed him for 26m only!!! Our board has been beyond pathetic this summer and they should be held accountable.
  18. He is a traditional fullback who likes to get forward and overlap. Right now though, we are hardly in the position to be picky about our targets. At the very least Cedric > Rafinha
  19. So our best bet for the RWB position is probably getting Cedric Soares for 45m GBP
  20. Drinkwater, Llorrente and Rafinha.... Here you go Antonio, go on now and win us the league and CL double now, thanks
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